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Bohdan Mantula Top 10 DevOps courses that merit your attention
Many aspiring IT engineers want to know more about DevOps. But the initial amount of information can easily confuse and the unstructured knowledge — lead to unexpected mistakes. The next article highlights the best ways to absorb new info, including top 10 DevOps course to complete online. Be smart and grow your skills!
Elena Hüls Last Chance - Submit your talk now | DevOps Gathering
Did you forget or didn't got the time to submit something for the next DevOps Gathering 2019? No problem, we'll give you some extra time!
Last Call deadline ends September 17th - In 5⃣ day, 1️⃣5⃣ hours & 3⃣5⃣minutes 🎉
Maxi Perten Jenkins unterstützt eine umfassende DevOps-Kultur
Jenkins ist ein Open-Source-basierter, hochgradig erweiterbarer Automatisierungsserver, der wiederkehrende Arbeiten übernehmen kann und DevOps fördert.
Bohdan Mantula Using AIOps in IT Svit projects
Dealing with large amounts of monitoring data and logs drives DevOps engineers to rely on the AIOps. Machines that are doing all the routine work become a reasonable solution to an issue. However, it’s not so simple as might seem. Here are some examples of how AIOps realized in our projects.
Bohdan Mantula What is AIOps: the next level of DevOps services
The incoming machine-generated data often can't be processed in time because of the human factor. But it’s exactly the sort of a task the AI can handle with. The only thing left is to figure out how the DevOps team can put ML tools in the good use. And that’s when AIOps enters the scene!


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