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Bohdan Mantula Kubernetes: the cornerstone of the modern cloud infrastructure
How Kubernetes de-facto became a cornerstone of the modern cloud infrastructure? What is the state of Kubernetes adoption with AWS, GCP, Azure? How K8s helps avoid the CloudService Provider lock-in? Answers to these and other questions are gathered in our latest white paper including real-life use cases!
Bohdan Mantula 100 DevOps Terms, or, What Does Your DevOps Say?
What is a Kubernetes cluster? Why should the servers be configured using Terraform manifests? Why should you care about Zabbix agents? It’s difficult to deal with all the DevOps methodology at once when you are just starting to learn it. Therefore, ІТ Svit composed a huge, yet by far not exhausting list of DevOps terms, explained in simple words.
Bohdan Mantula Using AIOps in IT Svit projects
A large amount of incoming machine-generated data and logs often can't be processed in time because of the human factor. That’s why the DevOps teams start to rely on AI in their work. Here are examples of how we use AIOps in our own projects. Read, comment and share your experience!


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