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Rona Behrentin Brian Lenihan echoes Charles Haughey
"We are living beyond our means..."
Do we need a Medium not a Finance Minster or is that the ECB/IMF. Lets tighten our belt. We don't need a bailout just a small loan to tie us over!!!!!!!!!!!
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Are the British diplomatic and polite?
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Neil Van Siclen
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Neil Van Siclen
I once had a job in the US with an American firm. When I was made redundant, my superior informed me that he "would have to let me go" (no, he wasn't hugging me at the time).
A "you're fired" like you see in film and on TV doesn't happen all too often. I would guess that the employee would have to do something really terrible or anger his boss to hear those words. But you are right: I just can't imagine that even an extremely vexed Brit saying "you're fired".


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