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Janie Lobo Synthetic Biology - increasing research activities in Asia Pacific region
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The global synthetic biology market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 23% between 2015 to 2020 owing to its growing applications in drug & vaccine development, biofuel production and high demand for bio-based polymers & biochemical. Emerging applications across novel fields of research, such as agriculture and bioremediation are expected to further drive the market growth. Synthetic biology has gained popularity in hazardous waste cleanup initiatives through engineered microbes, which can degrade recalcitrant chemicals such as dioxins, pesticides or even radioactive compounds.
Rebecca Vlassakidis Knowledge gap despite Ph.d: further education for scientists
Ten years ago David del Alamo, Ph.D. in molecular biology, did not think about the need for a further education in the field of business administration. He is a scientific editor for the EMBO Journal in Heidelberg and did not need any qualification like leadership qualities or economically skills in his daily business.
But it changed as he was responsible for the Fellowship Program at EMBO Journal and he recognizes his lack of knowledge. The MBA in General Management helps Alamo now to fill that gap. Read more about his choice and why it is worth to study while in employment:


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