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BlueID - Your key to the future

BlueID is an IDaaS product that turns smartphones into keys. It securely authorizes any interaction between smart devices and IoT objects.

Agie J. Lehmann BlueID ACCESS® in an exciting Leipzig project - Das Lebendige Haus.
"(...) Thanks to a continuous and open communication combined with BlueID’s agile development setup, a lean and innovative access management system was built that corresponded very well with our technological requirements and ambitious timeframe. We were particularly impressed with the speed in which BlueID developed this customized solution”, says Jan Hendrik Fahr, Managing Director of GmbH. Find out more about this exciting project here:
For denkmalneu and BlueID cooperation PR, click here:
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Agie J. Lehmann Meet us at the Sicherheitsexpo in Munich today and tomorrow!
We are showing our BlueID ACCESS solution at booth M12. If you still haven't had a chance to see how it works in real life, get our free trial here:
Or come by for a cup of coffee and get your hands on it at the trade fair :-).
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Agie J. Lehmann BlueID ACCESS ®
Find out more about BlueID ACCESS ® – our cloud-based access solution for buildings with high tenant turnover and access permissions that constantly change. BlueID ACCESS ® doesn’t only allow you to easily keep up, it gives you further possibilities to monetize by letting you focus on new adjacent business services. In order to download our newest brochure, follow this link:
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