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hier ein Veranstaltungshinweis zum Thema eGovernment:
Am 13.12. um 11:00 Uhr diskutieren wir mit unserem Kommunalexperten Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Christian Baumgart über den Digitalisierungsprozess in der öffentlichen Verwaltung.
Welche Regulierung, Prozesse und Entscheider spielen hierbei eine Rolle? Und wie können Sie dieses Wissen gewinnbringend einsetzen?
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Roxana Basno Next Level AI & Robotics bei Deutsche Telekom Services Europe
SSON hat mit dem Senior Vice President und HR Special Services bei Deutsche Telekom Services Europe zum Thema "Next Level AI & Robotics" gesprochen.
Lesen Sie hier alles über die HR Digitalisierungs-Initiative bei der Deutschen Telekom:
Sudhanshu Kumar Jena OSS/BSS Market Worldwide Industry Growth, Size, Statistics, Opportunities & Forecasts up to 2024
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The OSS/BSS market in Europe is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 8% from 2018 to 2024. The market growth is attributed to investments by the government and several private companies for the development of the telecom sector. For instance, in July 2017, the German government granted approximately USD 1 billion worth of subsidies for high-speed and fiber-based telecom networks, accelerating the digital transformation in the country. The telecom companies in the region are also taking many efforts for the commercialization of the 5G technology, thereby increasing the demand for updated OSS/BSS systems for delivering an enhanced user experience to its customers. As the 5G networks will bring broadband equivalent network speeds over the mobile network, the operators must replace their legacy OSS/BSS systems to enable cross business cooperation, accelerate the service delivery, and improve the ability to handle the complex systems.
The network operators are transforming their traditional Operational Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS) to meet the increasing demand for better service assurance in the telecom sector, to reduce the operational expenditure (OPEX), and to meet the higher service delivery standards. With the introduction of next-generation technologies, the communication service providers are moving toward integrated OSS/BSS platforms that pro-actively identify network faults, initiate the resolution action, and track the service performance. These platforms work together to support the network processes such as network inventory maintenance, service delivery & fulfilment, and enhancement of customer support operations including the processing of orders & bills, payment collection, value-added services, and billing.
The OSS solutions segment held a majority share accounting for nearly 50% of the OSS/BSS market in 2017 and is expected to hold a dominant share throughout the forecast timeline. The growing need among telecom service providers to outsource the operation support services is the primary factor driving the market. In this segment, the inventory management segment is estimated to hold a major share of over 40% by 2024 due to the increased demand for the automated inventory management solutions among telecom service providers. The communication network is evolving rapidly into more complex service platforms with multi-vendor systems and layered technologies. This is encouraging network operators to deploy more flexible and reliable systems to maintain and manage the network configuration.
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