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da in dieser Gruppe inhaltlich schon seit einiger Zeit nichts mehr los ist, werde ich diese in 14 Tagen schließen.

Our one-day conference Re.formation is going this year by a new name: Business Agility Day. The new conference will provide top-level content with a clear focus on Business Agility from leading Swiss and international organisations with even more room for networking!

Join the Business Agility Day on October 23, 2019!

Business Agility can revolutionize your organization. In our world today, modern enterprises live or die on their ability to adapt. Agile can help organizations to encourage innovation, reduce costs, and remain relevant in a changing world. There is no question as to the value of an agile transformation.

But, the journey can be arduous. Change at any scale is difficult. Without support and encouragement, an agile transformation can even feel lonely.

The Business Agility Vienna conference will bring together seasoned practitioners of business agility who have walked the path to greater innovation and thrived along the way. Practitioners, executives, and thought leaders will share their insights through short “lightning” talks throughout each day. You’ll get the chance to discuss what you’re learning, share insights, and brainstorm with others in your region through “deep dive” discussion groups. Finally, you’ll enjoy expanding your local and international network, forging new connections that bring a newfound energy to your agile journey.

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Am Do 22. Mai und Fr 23. Mai findet der nächste offene Lean Change Management Workshop statt.

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