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Margitta Winkenjohann Business English for everyone
Dear all
thanks for letting me join this group.
I have been working in the marketing of PS Sprachenservice ( a language school especially for Business English in OWL for a few month now. We offer various Business English courses for companies as well as for private customers. Pure elearning, blended learning concepts and more trainings on different language levels - there is a course for everyone.
Since almost everyone has to use at least some English in his/her worklife nowadays, we have established our Tip of the Week. It is a small, weekly elearning session about different Business English topics. I would like to share these tips with you in this group in the forum Questions & Answers starting in 2019.
I am looking forward to active feedback and constructive discussions. Until then, Merry Christmas, nice holidays and a Happy New Year to all of you!
Best regards,
Margitta Winkenjohann
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