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Only visible to XING members Kosovo, one of the most impressive countries in Europe.
Kosovo, a small country in Europe since 2008 independent, is getting more and more of one of the most impressive countries. A past with many sufferings, subordination and regimes from other states like the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Slavic people. A state that has never intervened in the policies of other states but only wants its freedom.
Kosovo today. Коsovo is a partially recognized state in Southeastern Europe with 2 million people. With its strategic position in the Balkans, it serves as an important link in the connection between central and southern Europe, the Adriatic and Black Sea. Its capital and largest city is Pristina, and other major urban areas include Prizren, Peja and Ferizaj. It is bordered by Albania to the southwest, the Republic of Macedonia to the southeast, Montenegro to the west and the uncontested territory of Serbia to the north and east.
What is special about Kosovo? Between the old and the modern architecture or the streets, you can find places going to the most luxurious ones. A state with a very important source; Young people with the potential and desire to work and build a future. You find different cultures in the field of music, art, great gastronomy and innovative businesses with new technologies that do not differ from Europe.
Advantages for investments in Kosovo
·        Easy tax system with very low taxes compared to neighboring countries.
·        The domestic currency in Kosovo is euro, although Kosovo is not a member of the eurozone;
·        The average salary in Kosovo is around € 375;
·        Composed of a younger people; seven of the ten Kosovars are younger than 35;
·        Young generations speak many foreign languages with native fluency
·        Geographic proximity to other European
·        Tourism and old cities, which can be accessed quickly.
So close your eyes and within 2 hours, you will be able to visit another country with more natural scenery, rich culture and traditional foods. And if you happen to be an entrepreneur and reading this text and you want to collaborate in Kosovo or invest here, you will be rewarded with the most profitable business in your career as an entrepreneur.


Written by
Fikrete Asllani
Head of Human Resources


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