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Business Swiss

for new business contacts, synergies and business opportunities. Müller Treuhand manages Business Swiss Network:

Antonio Cerundolo Brasserie Louis Niederdorf
Am 10. Mai 2019 findet der Business Swiss Lunch in der Brasserie Louis in Zürich statt.
Alle Informationen inkl. der Anmeldung sind unter diesem Link zu finden:
Chris Roberts Dynamic Financing
Hello Everyone,
I am glad to bring this investment opportunity to your platform today. A partnership between Private Investors and Dynamic Loans LLC has made this investment program possible and effective. Our aim is to transform business ideas and projects from different teams/groups across the globe into leading businesses and profit making companies.
If you have any projects or business ideas that need financing and can make good returns on an investment, we will be glad to consider your proposal to finance the project or business idea.
We are open to funding very promising projects or business ideas. So, feel free to reach out to me with your proposals and ideas for proper assessment.
Chris Roberts,
Investor & Project Manager
Dynamic Loans LLC
Email: or