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Caribbean Entrepreneurs Association Online (CEAO)

CEAO is an open forum/meeting place for entrepreneurs who are doing, and preparing to do business with, from, and within the Caribbean...

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After a year in the making, our docudrama about the story of a young girl in Uganda overcoming personal adversity to help other children it will be released soon. Take a look at the trailer and share with friends. Follow the link and subscribe to FilmStream channel for special updates on this docudrama. Here is the trailer For more information contact us at Tell us how effective was the trailer.
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Exciting NEW update on FSboot YOU need to hear.
NEW to #FSboot Campaign?
Come on over and review the inside story of the entire project and DISCOVER who we are and what we do at
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Hello to all our supporters and for those who are new and now onboard we need your support with our FSboot campaign.
FilmStream is a Channel dedicated to Caribbean content. A place where film makers from the region can have a platform to air their productions on a global scale & showcase their unique content & talent. We are committed to launching this project to aid in the development of the regional film industry. We wish to launch FilmStream no later than December 2016 & have worked assiduously to meet this target. After having done all that is possible from owners equity we need to boot this project. Get inside the entire project at
Ways to Support
•Share this campaign with all your friends.
•You can register to subscribe for the service at
•Contribute to FSboot campaign at
•Post review and like our FilmStream Facebook page
Thanks to all from FilmStream Tv


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