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Our company was founded in 1963. We are engaged in production of special pieces especially for the furniture industry, taking advantage of our many years of specific experience in the field. In the last ten years we have also developed special...
Simone Meier IT-Kalender 2016: Die wichtigsten Events, IT-Messen und Konferenzen
2016 hat gerade erst begonnen, doch bereits jetzt stürmen die ersten Termine des Jahres wie ein Schneegestöber auf uns ein. Doch aufgepasst! Bevor Sie im Schneetreiben versinken und alle Wochenenden und Urlaubstage verplanen, sollten Sie auf jeden Fall einen Blick auf unseren diesjährigen Messe-Kalender werfen. Dice hat die Schneeschippe ausgepackt und zeigt Ihnen, für welche Tech-Events, IT-Messen und Konferenzen Sie in diesem Jahr Platz in ihrem Terminkalender freischaufeln sollten.
58CORPORATION identifies the business solutions for the foreigners, together with the support services for persons (VISA) and businesses (business relocations) in Switzerland.
Now, technological evolution imposes a development that includes the possibility of a concrete step from an "excellent consultancy agency" but closed inside, to a new agency that seeks and helps "partner agencies" in other countries.
In this technological and innovative step, 58CORPORATION is a key player once more, making the requirements for every intelligent relocation, (large or small), but with ever more high-performance for the new partners.
Through clear and transparent interaction with our dealers, we (58CORPORATION) are able to respond effectively of the needs of legal, commercial, real estate, tax, banking and notary in Switzerland.
Contact us directly + 39 320 24 52 266 (Russian, English and Italian language) or send us an email to or Skype: immigration.58europe
Follow us in the our next adventures, here:
or website:
58CORPORATION is the innovative answer of a strong top-brand of the marketplace.


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