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Teresa López Searching for the questionnaire Lead
Hello everybody!
atrain GmBH is interested in hiring a Questionnaire expert to lead our questionnaire products.
We are searching for a PhD graduate or student with an emphasis on Psychometric, IO Psychology, or general Psychology. This individual should have experience in questionnaires and be an expert using statistics. This person should possess a real passion for questionnaires, and be capable of thinking outside the box. As we are a very diverse, international company, the individual has to be culturally sensitive and willing to work with people from different cultures. A willingness to move to Germany is a must. Finally, the position requires fluency in English.
A brief introduction to atrain: we are a HR Consulting Company based out of Bamberg, Germany with offices in Hong Kong, USA, and Brazil. We do our work with passion and display this passion in everything we do. We believe strongly in the development of people and that each person has the potential to develop. We have strong values and put particular weight on trustiness, esteem and open communication. Currently we are less than 50 employees, but we have been growing fast since our founding.
Our principal office sits in Bamberg, Germany, where the Questionnaire lead position will also be located. Bamberg is a beautiful, historic German city with the entire downtown a UNESCO world heritage site. Bamberg is the perfect place to live the German experience and to immerse in a new culture and language.
Then write me to
Looking forward to hearing from you :)


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