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China Business Lunch - Erweitern Sie ihr deutsch-chinesisches Netzwerk!

GuanXi steht in China für intensive Netzwerke. Wer diese Netzwerke nicht hat, erreicht weniger. Im Berufsleben – aber auch im Privatleben.

Susanne Zeng Welcome to contact us for work and internship opportunities in China.
HelloCareer is a global talent solutions provider, focusing on assisting Chinese local companies and government organizations to hire and build connections with targeted candidates worldwide.
Our team has successfully provided customized recruitment solutions for various global companies by using our global footprint and expertise. The services we provide include but are not limited to overseas job posting, overseas talent sourcing & screening, overseas headhunting and overseas hiring events organizing.
Our mission is to be a well-run human resource provider through the help of our responsible and professional recruitment consultants who are always ready to help clients to recruit suitable global talent.
Susanne Zeng Good chance to work in Shanghai--a technology company is seeking German Community Management Specialist
1. Build long-term relationships with new and existing users in the social media and entertainment industry and follow through to a successful agreement
2. Responsible for user operation and management, focus on the top and mid level creators, develop strategies to increase DAU, user activation and user loyalty
3. Possess a strong understanding of our product, our competition in the industry and position to leverage them into impactful marketing activities
4. Execution or attendance of local events or shows
1. Speaks German as native level, and proficient language skill in either English or Chinese is essential.
2. At least one year experience in a community management or community related role required;
3. Outgoing personality required – you will be required to walk into networking events and be comfortable introducing yourself to strangers;
4. BS/MS degree in journalism, media, communications, marketing, or PR preferred;
5. Deep passion for creating and managing virtual communities (please include you username along with your application);
6. Pro-active, collaborative, creative, and energetic;
7. evangelist – you need to be passionate about the community, so please only apply if you genuinely enjoy and are ready to engage with;
8. Willingness to work around the clock – being a top talent manager involves working some evenings and weekends and responding to community members outside of work hours. Look at your position as a lifestyle rather than a job. 
Henriette Wildnitz Einladung zum Deutsch-Chinesischen Innovationsdialog technische Life Sciences am 19.09. in Frankfurt
Für Kurzentschlossene:
Für die (kostenfreie) Netzwerk- und Informationsveranstaltung "Geschäftschancen in China in den Bereichen Feinmechanik, Optik, Photonik, Nanotechnik, Analysen-, Bio- und Labortechnik sowie Medizintechnik" am Mittwoch, den 19.09. in Frankfurt haben wir wenige Restplätze frei.
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