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CocoaHeads Hamburg

CocoaHeads is a group devoted to discussion of Apple Computer's Cocoa and CocoaTouch Frameworks for programming on MacOS X and iOS.

Vidu Glöck CocoaHeads Pre WWDC Meetup
With Christmas (aka WWDC 😉) around the corner, one might think there is not much to talk about. Far from the truth. This month we have two amazing talks prepared for you:
Recapping iOS 8 + 9 — What is it you can actually use today?
End–to–End Testing: What, Why, and How?
Please do not forget to RSVP
Vidu Glöck CocoaHeads May Meetup
Vidu Glöck Cocoa Heads Easter Edition
It's time for the CocoaHeads Easter Edition! Please RSVP here:
Vidu Glöck Apple March Event Public Viewing
Hello CocoaHeads,
we are hosting a public viewing for next Mondays Apple Event. It starts at 6pm! (not 7pm) and we open doors at 5:30 pm. Please rsvp here, so that we know how much beer we need to order: