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Ralf Friedrich
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Ralf Friedrich
Re: No motivation of virtual team members as a result of lacking reward etc.
Hi Regine,
thanks for your contribution. I think we all encountered the same problems like you.
I am currently researching the leadership on virtual teams and I will start a new round of my experiment in January 2011. I think that leadership on virtual teams is more challenging than on face-to-face teams. Mainly the leader has to implement team processes that are happening on a sub-conscious level explicitly. Based on my research, there are mainly four processes which have an impact on the performance of the team:
1. The get-to-know-each-other process. There is little to no smalltalk on a virtual team and team members know very little about each other. Here concepts from social media are useful.
2. The expected leadership style. People from different cultures have different expectations. Writing a leadership charter with the team will help to make the implicit expectations explicit and avoid pitfalls in leadership
3. The feedback processes from the team to the leader and from the leader to the team. Here concepts like Motivatoring are useful.
4. The decision-makig process. This process needs to be very transparent as team members disconnect emotionally if they feel not heard.
The points are just pointing at areas of concern. The underlying theme is how to build up trust in the team and maintain it.
I hope my short answer was useful.
Warm regards,
Ralf Friedrich Next round of the virtual team experiment starts on 19.01.2011
Please tell it everybody: The next round of the virtual team experiment starts on 19.01.2011.
Participants will receive plenty of benefits:
1. Get access to sts new virtual team training simulator: GTS. The participants will recieve exclusive access to the product before its official launch.
2. Get free access to vea's innovative virtual team tool allowing team meetings, minutes and action item management to be done very quickly
3. Get a two year free membership in VIP-MC: the Virtual International Project Manager Club. Membership can only be earned through participation in the virtual team experiment.
For €99,- you will receive a very high personal value. Sign-up today!
Warm regards,
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Ralf Friedrich Sind virtuelle Teams genauso leistungsfähig wie Präsenzteams?
I have a hypothesis: Virtual teams can be as productive as face-2-face teams.
The virtual teams have to know how to use technology for teamwork to substitute the missing close contact withthe other teammates. So technology is one of the key drivers of success for virtual teams.
The technology than supports the implementation of team processes, such as decision-making, feedback and leadership.
Being on a virtual team can be a positive experience for everybody or very frustrating. What is your experience?
Warm regards,
Isabell Schmidtke
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Ralf Friedrich Introduction
I am researching virtual teams through control grop experiments. I believe strongly in virtual teams as the number project team organization of the future. There are many advantages in virtual teams, extending working times, reducing cycle times, stimulating creativity due to different cultures working together.
However, we currently struggle a little bit with our behaviours and tools making virtual teamwork realy work. I am looking for an active community that discusses virtual team challenges and best practices.
Warm regards,
Isabell Schmidtke
Introduction the second: Hello and welcome!
Introduction the second!
I am Isabell and supporting Ralf, and you of course, here in this forum. We are still
small but growing are free to recommands friends and colleagues to this group and
we are looking forward to every inpit you have for us. Introduce yourself shortly, if you like and/if you find time
in this buisy century....
We decided to have English as the standard language, but if anyone is not firm in this language he/she can of course exchange with someone speaking his/her native tongue.
And sometimes I will find an interesting article on German...but I try to keep it in English!
Best regards,


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