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Peter Ivanov PMI France 2016 - Virtual Power Teams workshop
Dear All,
The Virtual Power Teams workshop at then PMI International conference in Marseille, France is on 15th of March.
How to deliver projects quicker, reduce cost and develop your organisation for the Future!
Look forward meeting you in Marseille!
Peter Ivanov
Founder & CEO - Virtual Power Teams
Peter Ivanov New Leadership – die Wahrheiten der globalen Welt! Peter Ivanov spricht vor BVMW in Hamburg.
Erfahren Sie, wie Sie mit Teams an unterschiedlichen Standorten – Projekte schneller umsetzen, Kosten reduzieren und Ihr Unternehmen für die Zukunft rüsten!
Am 28.04.2016 in Hamburg.
Ich würde mich freuen, wenn wir uns in Hamburg sehen.
Vielen Dank & beste Grüße
Peter Ivanov
Inhaber und CEO von Virtual Power Teams
Only visible to XING members Research: Trust in Virtual Teams
Do you have experience with virtual teams and would like to participate in a study about trust in virtual teams?
Upon participation you can request the result of the study (anonymous answers - no personal information will be disclosed) and my thesis (It is part of my Master graduation project/thesis.). You will have also a chance of receiving a 10-euro gift card!
All you have to do is to spend 10-15 minutes on this interesting survey:
Thank you all for your time!
P.S: If you have any question or feedback, feel free to get in touch with me at


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