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Viren Varu Job wanted
Hello everyone
I am viren age 48 yr from chennai India looking for any retail sales stores job if offers please contact and I am ready to relocate or u can whatsapp me
Jayden Chu Call 65 6248 5023 to know how lead generation and appointment setting can help you business in Singapore or how to expand your market in the Asia Pacific.
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Ramona Russnak Survey for my master thesis - Consumer Perceptions towards Jade Jewellery
To everyone living in Singapore,
I am currently working on my master thesis which deals about consumer perceptions towards jade jewellery in Germany and Singapore. Therefore, I conduct a survey in Germany and in Singapore.
As I need more participants from Singapore, I kindly ask you to fill out following survey about consumer perceptions towards jade jewellery. I am happy about every participant and maybe you will find a good shopping inspiration through my survey :-)
It will only take you 8-10 minutes. Be assured that all answers you provide will be kept in the strictest confidentiality.
Please click on the link below to open the survey
I appreciate your help.
Best regards, Ramona


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