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Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Corporate Governance - DBA students debate models
MIM Kyiv International Management Institute
DBA class 2018 elaborated on two key topics during its course in September: development of professional services and international governance and compliance rules. Service industry will play a major role in the future economic development of Ukraine. Given the unique situation of the country, specific requirements must be met and Western business models must be adapted. Owners and managers still need to be convinced of the value for money they get from consultants and how businesses can speed up evolution and learning curve.
The active generation of leaders, as represented in our DBA class, fully acknowledges the necessity and benefits of Governance rules. However, copy-paste from Western models won’t work. Students discussed a staged and a cross-industry deployment.
On a personal note: the dedication and commitment of these DBA candidates and leaders are very encouraging The debates and the QA was again enriching.
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Compliance: - new approach
MIM Kyiv International Management Institut
DBA students develop governance and compliance models and outline the road to implementation and sustainability. As a visiting Professor It’s very encouraging to see the dedication and commitment of this generation. Young entrepreneurs are willing to set new standards and feel obliged to follow the strict rules.
Varenia-Louisa Weiland Ein MUSS für jeden Revisor: Der MBA in der Vertiefung Wirtschaftskriminalität & Compliance!
Am 04. Oktober 2018 startet der MBA in der Vertiefung Wirtschaftskriminalität & Compliance berufsbegleitend in Berlin. Referenten aus Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Praxis wie bspw. aus dem Bundeskriminalamt (BKA), der Weltbank und dem Europäischen Amt für Betrugsbekämpfung (OLAF) lehren anhand realer Fallbeispiele die Fachbereiche Wirtschaftskriminalität und Compliance. Aber auch Risikomanagement und Governance, gehört zum Stoff eines MBA-Studiums sowie das Wissen aus den Bereichen Betriebs- und Volkswirtschaftslehre und Rechts- und Sozialwissenschaften.
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