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Couchbase User Group DACH

Deutsche Community rund um Couchbase für Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz.

Logo Couchbase User Group DACH Couchbase Server 5.5 Released
Couchbase Server 5.5 production release is now available! We are very excited to share more information about this substantial extension of the Couchbase Data Platform. This release introduces several new Enterprise Grade features relating to agility, performance, and manageability – all based on critical feedback from our users.
New features include:
End-to-end data compression
IPv6 support
N1QL enhancements – including ANSI Joins, aggregate optimization
Index partitioning
Additional auto failover options
More security features – X.509 certificate authentication, log redaction, query auditing
Response Time Observability / threshold logging
New Analytics service preview
New Eventing service
Client-side field-level encryption
FTS additional language support, geospatial querying now GA, DP of new indexing engine
And more

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