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Logo Couchbase User Group DACH Multi-Cluster-Java 1.2.1 Available
We’ve just released the 1.2.1 Version of the MCA Java client.
It brings the following enhancements and fixes based on customer feedback:
The MultiClusterClient now lets it pass a FailureDetectorFactory with the proper generic argument, removing the need for downcasting on creation. So for exampleFailureDetectorFactory<NodeHealthFailureDetector> can be passed in directly instead of downcasting to FailureDetectorFactory.
Both the NodeHealthFailureDetector and TrafficMonitoringFailureDetector can be subclassed to override the methods which trigger the Coordinator. This can be helpful to "intercept" failure signals if a failure detector should be plugged in to work in a "dry run" mode. If the calls are intercepted and not forwarded to the coordinator but rather logged it will not have an effect on the system but can be used to test certain settings and see how they behave in testing or production environments.
Fixed a bug where subsequent service activations (after one has been activated on an entry) would not be picked up by the distribution logic. This mostly happens during interactive examples, since programmatically all services are usually enabled in one shot. This is also the work around for previous versions if needed.
Add support for ByteArrayDocument. It has been added to the Java SDK but the corresponding transcoder has not been included by default up until now.
The documentation and further information can be found here:
Logo Couchbase User Group DACH organisiert das folgende Event: NoSQL im Finanz - und Versicherungssektor mit Couchbase
Wir laden Sie recht herzlich zu unserem Webinar “NoSQL im Finanz- und Versicherungssektor mit Couchbase und Confluent“ einladen, das am 05.06.2018 um 10:30 Uhr stattfindet.
Unternehmen der Finanz- und Versicherungswirtschaft wie Concur, Generali, Paypal oder Visa setzen für geschäftskritische Anwendungen auf Couchbase und Confluent, denn sie stehen vielen Herausforderungen gegenüber:
• Reaktion auf Kundenaktivitäten und alle anderen Event-gesteuerten Services in Echtzeit
• Einblicke in das unternehmensweite Markt-, Kredit- und Liquiditätsrisiko
• Umsetzung globaler und regionaler Compliance-Richtlinien (wie aktuell z.B. GDPR)
• Modernisierung der Dateninfrastruktur, um die oben genannten Punkte erfüllen zu können
In diesem Webinar erfahren Sie, wie Sie mit Couchbase und Confluent vorhandene Datenbanktechnologien ersetzen oder kombinieren können, um ihre Anwendungen schneller, agiler und kostengünstiger zur Verfügung zu stellen.
Denn mit Couchbase setzen Sie auf eine performante NoSQL-Datenplattform, die ihren Anforderungen an Skalierbarkeit und Verfügbarkeit gerecht wird.
Im Zusammenspiel mit Apache Kafka und Confluent erhalten Unternehmen eine hocherperformante und skalierbare Datenplattform, um alle Informationsquellen zu einer „Single Source of Truth“ zusammenzuführen.
Wir freuen uns auf ein gemeinsames Webinar mit Ihnen!
Logo Couchbase User Group DACH organisiert das folgende Event: COUCHBASE SERVER 5.5 AND COUCHBASE MANAGED CLOUD
On May 10th, at Connect NY Couchbase announced today two product releases:
First is the latest version of Couchbase Server 5.5. This release combines the power of SQL and the flexibility of JSON to offer simplified application management and operational agility. With new features including ANSI Joins, Eventing, and Autonomous Operator for Kubernetes, enterprises can easily develop and deploy applications across multi-cloud environments to create exceptional experiences for customers and employees.
Second is Couchbase Managed Cloud, the new managed service that simplifies the journey to the cloud. This is Couchbase's fully-managed cloud database service that frees up IT teams from the burden of managing and operating database infrastructure in public cloud environments. Couchbas has partnered with Rackspace, the number one managed cloud provider, to deliver this new offering.
By this the Couchbase Data Platform gets even stronger, giving developers greater agility, enabling user-defined business logic, and simplifying and automating cloud portability, all of which enable enterprises to revolutionize digital innovation.
Key enhancements to Couchbase Server 5.5 GA include:
- ANSI Joins in N1QL, making it easier to migrate applications from relational databases to Couchbase
- Eventing, a highly available, performant and scalable service that enables user-defined business logic to be triggered in real-time on the server when application interactions create changes in data, making it easy to develop, deploy, debug, and maintain data-driven business logic from a centralized platform
- Index partitioning, which enables users to index a large number of documents and horizontally scale out an index as needed
Improved performance of queries with aggregate optimization
- The Couchbase Autonomous Operator for Kubernetes, enabling cloud portability and automates operational best practices for deploying and managing the Couchbase Data Platform
- Extended support for Couchbase security with X.509 certificate authentication to help enterprises meet increasing security compliance requirements such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
With Couchbase Managed Cloud, customers can:
- Eliminate the operational burden of deploying and managing the database in public cloud
- Mitigate risk by reducing downtime, improving availability and resiliency via 24/7/365 real-time proactive monitoring, planning and support
- Be in complete control of cloud database infrastructure by deploying within their own virtual environment and freeing up data from cloud vendor lock-ins
- Maximize performance at scale by locating the database closer to applications
Couchbase Managed Cloud will be generally available June 1st and Couchbase Server 5.5 will be generally available in the Summer.
If you’d like to learn more, check out these links:
Press release on Server 5.5:
Press release on Couchbase Managed Cloud:
New datasheet for N1QL:
New datasheet for Managed Cloud:


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