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Themen rund ums Customer-Relationship-Management. Die Gruppe für Entscheider und Führungskräfte.

Aishwarya Pajankar 5 Fundamentals of a Foolproof CRM Strategy
The benefits of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is that it allows you to store information about your prospects and customers, maintain communication with them through emails. It also incorporates assorted tools for sales and marketing for increasing profitability.
CRMs are proven to increase productivity, boost sales and improve customer communication. What was once strictly limited to larger organizations, is now being adopted by startups and SMBs.
If your goal is to deliver top notch customer service, it’s certain that you must be planning to implement a CRM strategy, if you haven’t already. Here are 5 fundamentals that would help you to build a foolproof CRM strategy.
1. Decide on Your Goals
The aim of implementing a CRM is to help your business achieve its goals effectively. It’s necessary to be clear on your objectives and to know how to achieve them. Break the objectives into small achievable chunks and connect that to how CRM fits to achieve the composite goal.
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Aishwarya Pajankar 5 Greatest Benefits A CRM System Can Offer
In the intensely competitive marketplaces of today, the company which successfully manages its customer relationships is likely to emerge as the winner. Even the SMBs that often lack the resources to adopt enterprise-style technologies are now increasingly doing so. For those who are yet to make up their minds, here are five compelling reasons to adopt CRMs and make them work for you:
1. Effective collaboration between various departments The entire customer lifecycle is a complex journey which is beyond the scope of a single individual to effectively manage. Spreadsheets, while being functional tools, fall short on allowing real-time collaboration between various players. A cloud-based CRM platform allows for employees in multiple departments to effectively collaborate and manage the customer relationships. They can see the complete picture at all times, which enhances the experience they deliver to the customer.
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Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Customer Experience Management – das Top-Thema auf der E-world 2019
Interessenten durchliefen ein Online Assessment von 20 Expertenfragen. Im Anschluss konnte unser Team den CX-Reifegrad direkt ermitteln und den Interessenten Maßnahmen zur weiteren Vorgehensweise bei der Etablierung eines CXM im Unternehmen vorstellen.
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