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CryptoCurrency, Bitcoin - Криптовалюта, Биткойн

This group is for people, who are interested in networking and earning in cryptonetworks. More details at

anubhav singh Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
Develop cryptocurrency wallet to store, exchange and also, trade the digital currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monero and Ripple. The highly experienced developers at Oodles Blockchain have excelled in the field of Cryptocurrency Wallet Development, offering customized services for developing multi cryptocurrency wallet.
Boris Siomin Crypto Networking
Today I have very important and positive news for all those users who are seriously interested in crypto networking and can call themselves cryptonetworkers.
The fact is that today I want to give you a tool that can be an excellent indicator of all your work.
This tool is called TOP100 of Crypto Networks and is located at and many of you are aware of this.
Recently, with this list, just a gigantic job has been done and it has become much more useful and convenient to use.
First, now you can not only see all the crypto social networks (or projects approaching in essence to them), but also to find out what the project coin is called.
Secondly, now you can see which of these coins are already registered on the main for all of us website - CoinCapMarket.
Third, now you can just copy this list to your notepad page and save it to your computer's desktop. And then, every month (year or week) enter there the number of coins that you have on each account, in each crypto social network.
You should agree, that it is very convenient and this approach very accurately gives you an idea of ​​what results you have achieved, working in each of the projects.
Especially for those who are just starting (or planning to start) their way in crypto networking, I want to remind you about the existence of the Open University of crypto social networks, where a lot of useful information is collected.
And now, dear readers, I can only wish you good luck in your work and soon become real whales in the crypto social ocean.
Boris Siomin,
anubhav singh Cryptocurrency Exchange Development: The Challenges
The main challenges faced by entrepreneurs while investing in cryptocurrency exchange development. The blog explains how to turn these challenges into your triumph.
Boris Siomin Crypto. How to start?
Crypto. How to start?
Today I will answer the question of users of crypto social network Scorum. In a general sense, it sounds like this: "How to start a crypto business?" This question is asked to me by users @kovalya, @ruzaki, @elenakaryukina and many others.
But now I recommend to be attentive not only to them but to all the rest, even to more experienced users. You will probably be asked many times the same question by your friends and relatives and if you send a link to this article to them, then you can not waste time on long and boring explanations.
As I said, the website has answers to absolutely all questions for beginners. In my main profession I am a teacher, so you do not have to worry, the all the materials are very simple and understandable.
How to use it? First of all, you need to find in the main menu of the website the Crypto World button (it is under the tab of the Open University of crypto networks). There, in a fairly detailed article, you can get acquainted with the structure of Crypto World and understand what you can do at all.
And after that, you can perfectly use the banners located on the right side of the website, which lead exclusively to the sections you need. By the way, all materials are submitted in plain Russian and English, without any complicated terms and concepts.
I want to pay special attention to the Open University of crypto social networks mentioned above. It is essentially an encyclopedia of this direction, which I have been creating for the last several years. If we talk about social networks in general, then I have been engaged in them since 2003.
I'm sure that everything will be clear to you. But if you have any questions, you can always ask them in any comments on this website or in any social network where you can find me without any problem by login @borishaifa.
I envy you a little, you are just starting, but at the same time I wish you a long and interesting journey in the Crypto World.
Boris Siomin,
Ranjith Rama Cryptocurrency Market Worth to Reach USD 6.716 Trillion by 2025
Research Cosmos - Recent Research Report - Global Cryptocurrency Market Analysis, By Industry Components (Exchanges, Wallets, Payments, Mining), By Verticals (BFSI, Retail, Media & Entertainment, Gaming industry, Healthcare, Travel & Tourism, Transportation & Logistics, Education), and By Geography - Insights, Size, Share, Opportunity Analysis, and Industry Forecast till 2025
Global Cryptocurrency Market is estimated to be valued at US$ 189.9 billion in 2017 and expected to witness a CAGR of 56.2% over the forecast period (2017–2025)
- Lead Analyst @ Research Cosmos
Some of the key insights of the report:
• Growing demand in conjunction with the decreasing supply of digital currency is among the prominent factor influencing the growth of the pricing of the cryptocurrency market
• Energy required to secure the blockchain, mining difficulty, and their utility fuels the growth of cryptocurrency market
• Substantially large untapped potential base in the payment industry is expected to present strong growth prospects over the forecast period
• Drawbacks in the scalability and its legalization hindering the market growth
• U.S., Singapore, Russia, and Switzerland are among the prominent countries that are expected to witness considerable penetration over the forecast period.
• Some of the major players operating in the global cryptocurrency market include Bitfinex, BitFury Group Limited, Bitstamp Ltd., Coinbase, Coinsecure, Litecoin, OKEX Fintech Company Limited, Poloniex Inc., Ripple, Unocoin Technologies Private Limited, and ZEB IT Service Pvt. Ltd.
Interested to learn more, Avail Sample of the report @


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