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Wie haben sich die Werte der Verbraucher und ihr Verhalten durch Corona geändert? Welche Marken gewinnen? Wie schnell kommen wir aus der Krise zurück? Wir haben 5.000 Personen in Europa befragt und stellen die Ergebnisse und unsere Empfehlung für Unternehmen und Marken vor. Nehmen Sie teil: Do, 25.06 von 10-11 Uhr!


Dear Baltic Danish members and member of B2BALTIC community, I recommend to join the digital disruption of the communications with TV STARTUPS WOMEN, Nordic channel and with MIND-CHANGER 2020 for global change. We start from 17th June and new cycle of global interviews from 1st July 2020.

What are the opportunities for nearshore sourcing of furniture manufacturing in Emerging Europe? For 20 years, FRD Center has been assisting foreign furniture producers with their identification of new suppliers of various items and services in the manufacturing industry.

Here is the FRD Center most recent guide to new vendors identification and selection in Eastern Europe. For more details contact the FRD Center team at email europa@frdcenter.ro or FRDCenter@market-entry.ro


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