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Rolf Hengel Kurzvorstellung
Mein Name ist Dr. Rolf Hengel, studierter Chemiker und im Ruhestand. Bin Aufsichtsrat bei der Energiegenossenschaft Inn-Salzach. Wir beschäftigen uns mit PV, Wind und Kleinwasserkraft und versuchen, uns als Stromversorger zu etablieren.
Soraya Bourebaba - A blog on Algerian business environment
Hi everybody!
I am just about to build a blog focussing on Marketing and communications in Algeria. As the business and project environment is very international now, I planned to post regularly interesting and recent articles in German, English and French. You can find a Download section as well in three languages.
Would be happy if you checked it out:
Your feedback is very welcome.
PS: If you read German and are interested in the topic 'Direktinvestitionen in Algerien" please check out my paper
Best regards,
Hakim Ait Amar DESERTEC project initiatives
Dear all,
We are looking for serious partners who can give a new input for the DESERTEC Global project in North Africa.
We want to use a new approach with the private sector in a micro level, moving further since the PPP seems to be more complicated.
We would appreciate your feedback and any interest from your side.
More information about us
Warm regards
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