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Uli Bethke We connect a Zeppelin notebook to Snowflake. Notebooks are useful for data exploration, collaboration, and visualisations.
Uli Bethke We create a User Defined Function (UDF) in Snowflake to explode nodes of a polygon into rows of latitude/longitude pairs and visualise the result in Tableau
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Oracle Data Integration 12c
Live Demo: Saturday, 16 June at 8:00 AM IST
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#odi12c #odin12cdownload #odi12ctraining #odi12cintegrationandadministration, #odi12carchitectureoverview, #odi12ccookbook, #odi12cdeveloperguide, #odi12cvm #odi12cdocumentation
Aadolf Baris DQ100: Data Warehouse Engineer (m / w)
DQ100: Data Warehouse Engineer (m / w)
+ Extensive experience in data warehouse, databases and SQL
+ Ideally Teradata, Microsoft SQL Server, VB / VBA / .NET, Microsoft Excel (-Pivot), MicroStrategy
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