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Deep Learning / Machine Learning User Group Nürnberg

Stammtisch in Nürnberg und Umgebung um die Themen Deep Learning, Machine Learning und Tools/Frameworks wie Theano, Torch, TensorFlow, Keras

Matt Reaney Could You Fall In Love With A Robot?
Forget stealing your job… in the future, a robot may well steal your heart.
Technology is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to the impact it is having on all aspects of modern life, including relationships.
Fouad Amor Sie interessieren sich für das Automatisierte Fahren?
Wechseln Sie mit „Shape the Future“ auf die Überholspur!
Sie lieben neue Herausforderungen und möchten die Zukunft des assistierten und automatisierten Fahrens mitgestalten? Dann sind Sie bei uns als Absolvent oder (Young) Professional der Fachrichtungen Informatik, Ingenieur- oder Naturwissenschaft genau richtig. Ob mit oder ohne akademischen Abschluss! Ausschlaggebend sind Ihre Berufserfahrung, Ihre Neugier auf unsere vielfältigen Aufgaben sowie Ihre Motivation, etwas gestalten zu wollen. Nutzen Sie diese einmalige Chance und überzeugen Sie uns von sich.
Wir freuen uns auf Sie! Starten Sie etwas Großes.
Andras Molnar The final course on Sequence Models is now up on @Coursera!
Stefan Blos
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Andras Molnar
Hi Stefan,
Kurs #5 noch nicht - die Kurse von Andrew Ng haben mich aber noch nie enttäuscht.
Viele Grüße,
Imran Ahmed The Age of Wisdom and Where we Are?
Since the invention of transistors and its applications especially the Computer revolutionized the Era of current Human Age. In the Core, bits, and bytes processed with gigahertz of the clock and we need more and more while dealing the Big Data and Machine Learning. The mathematical model of the brain as we understand so far can be modeled as linear, nonlinear, sigmoid, tan and some other functions. Though these are abstractions, our belief finally proves them in similar fashions. However, we are still far from universal Generalization! The one strong property of human brains are to forget something with a passage of time, and I believe this is a Great Blessing. Otherwise, loops have always drain power and resources. Forgetting has been adopted similarly like LSTM in ML. Here my understanding is the little bit vague about Deep Learning or Machine Learning in general, is it close to human brain or we need something else? IBM research suggests 5nm gates and the chip equal to human nail hold 30 Billion of them, which are double the number of neurons in the human brain. The initial neuron model was mapped over one AND Gate, however, XOR took ten years to solve them with two neurons. As I believe that we are going in right direction and domain-specific or general ML Algorithm will discover those equations which we don't know yet. We are still into finding the equation parameters and tuning them, with different tradeoffs, so far we only interested in object recognition, value recommendations, stock predictions, translation, forecasting and many more, But still not able to develop those ML Algorithms which can predict or find infinite and self-sustainable energy, time travel, poverty, clean water and many others. Is it due to the lake of data or something else???


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