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Develop Project

DEVELOP aims to support you in planning your career paths and learning interventions to reach your career goals.

Rola Sayegh A Different Perspective on Online Assessments - The DEVELOP Approach
Most people will be familiar with online assessments, as they are widely used by companies seeking to screen, recruit, and develop their staff. But is this the only way we can take advantage of the benefits offered by online assessments?
Rola Sayegh Can you Cooperate? Assessing Virtual Cooperation
Cooperation plays an integral role in the work environment. But moving from a face-to-face cooperation to a virtual one can be challenging. This article investigates cooperation in a modern society and presents the Cooperation Game to assess and guide virtual cooperation. Read more in our blog:
Rola Sayegh Developing Social Capital’s Dimensions
The DEVELOP project proposes a new model of social capital intended to bridge the gap between content-based and structural-based similarity and diversity measures, by using community membership to characterise individuals. In our previous posts we have gone into detail on social capital in a broad manner and its implications on workplace development, but as of yet we haven’t gone into detail on the forms that social capital is widely accepted as being broken into.
Read more in our blog:
Danil Dintsis Develop Software Requirements specification
The Software development project needs demand - requirements management lifelong. In the Udemy short training
I deliver my 25+ years experience on requirements collecting, balancing, formalizing, and finally delver them to developers.


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