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Mahdi Barmaki This is Mahdi Barmaki
This is Mahdi Barmaki
Greeting to All Mederators
This is Mahdi Barmaki from Iran
I'm about 30 years old.
I have a Master degree in Industrial Management.
So i was going to find related jobs.
First I'm an analyzer and system designer, then become a junior project manager and after that a senior project manager. also some where be a consultant and somewhere a executive.
My basic and favorite fields are :
ITS/ITC, Geographical Information System, Strategic Management, Project Management, HRM, Supply chain management, Decision Support System, Document Management System, GPS, RFID, Tracking and tracing, Industrial Accounting, MIS, Information security Management System (ISMS).
We Implement a New idea of Document managemet, we called it GDMS : Geographical Documentation Management Solution.
Also BDMS : Building Documentation Management Solution
I'm eager to hear any related topics to our recent solutions.
My favorite fun are:
Talk with friends, Swimming, Hiking, traveling, Tennis, Internet and Xing.
I love my work. I hate monotonous jobs and routine works.
I need challenges and involving with hard matters such as a wrestler in the hard match.
Hoping to help my friends and everyone who ask me.
wishing to be healthy, wealthy and happy to all my friends at Xing


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