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Tatiana Sov Russian producer of toning tables and other fitness and wellness equipment is looking for partners.
Dear sir,
we are producers of fitness, wellness and rehabilitation equipment and looking for partners in UAE. Also we are owners of franchise of fitness clubs for ladies and looking entrepreneurs who would like to be a part of international clubs for ladies.
The owners will come to Dubai on Arab Health Expo from 28 to 31 January and would like to meet with you.
Do not hesitate to ask me any questions and could be better if you will leave me your contact details for connection with the owners.
Tatiana Sovetova
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar The World
Four kilometers off the Dubai coastline lies Europe. Or a version of it, at least.
Michael D. Basler Work remote - but how charging for your advice ? / Search for international investor
The trend is clear: More and more consulting and support tasks are handled REMOTE, whether it is medical advice, legal assistance, trainings, coaching or company support. This is done over the phone and by using video conferencing solutions. So far, so good. But how to charge for these services by the minute, legally secure, fairly and transparently ? Common premium service numbers (0900/0137) are expensive and anonymous. In addition, these number blocks are often locked in telephone systems and not available. So what to do? Write down manually - the only way today! Until now. From now you can do it all directly via Calling with customers, flexibly pricing the call, measuring it on time and settling it directly. ALL-IN-ONE. is a (patent pending) SaaS business solution with an international approach. We are looking for suitable investors to advance sales / marketing and international expansion.
If interested, I look forward to further talks.
Sincerely, Michael Basler
Jens Knör JENS KNÖR - HOLOGRAPHIE SHOWS - made in Germany
Jens Knör starts with Agentuhrwerk. Cool instead of oldschool.
With its new company "Agentuhrwerk", the Remscheider offers holography shows around the world with almost no limits.
Agentuhrwerk - precise as a clockwork. How the tick, here as PDF:
"Finally something new!" Jens Knör hears again and again. Above all, by demanding agencies that are intensively searching for their customers for contemporary event highlights.
Knör's Kreativschmiede Agentuhrwerk has therefore specialized in holography, mapping and brand staging. With customizable shows, innovative and content suitable for the digital world. With holography shows and the resulting multimedia possibilities, Knör wants to offer its customers intelligent event content. At the same time, his existing competitor network has become his most important customer clientele.
In addition to Knör's headquarters in Remscheid, representatives have since been opened in the USA and Dubai. The program in the combination of artists on stage, avatars and the latest technology, there are almost no limits.
"We are shaping the future of the event market in the age of digitization," says Knör. "Our technology makes it possible to present messages in an adequate and modern way, what we offer is much more than just a show." Holography is the most modern form of storytelling.
The possibilities of projection on LED costumes have not been exhausted yet. "At this year's Eurovision Song Contest, the appearance of Estina Elina Nechayeva with her LED dress was a real eye-catcher. But in the future, even closer meshing of the LED will make it possible to display television pictures on a costume. "This year, too, new investments were made in new LED and holo screens (gas-generated projection screens).
"We have cutting-edge technology, working together with the world champions in break-dance and ballet, for example, and having our 3D animations produced by a developer team that has worked for Pixar as well as the hit production 'Game of Thrones'."
Interested customers can book ready-made show programs, commission a combination of several modules or have their individual show created with their own storyboard.
The offer of holo shows and LED projections is perfectly complemented by building mapping and laser shows as well as supplementary services such as photography and video. The marketing takes place both via agencies and directly to the companies - as has already happened for various top automobile manufacturers, the Federal Railways, Vorwerk, the Fraunhofer Institute or Microsoft.
On 16.01 and 17.01.2019 you can get a picture of the eventful holoshow at the biggest event fair "Best of Events" in Dortmund. Knör gladly invites all interested parties there.
In the ticket shop, use the coupon code 123466 to redeem one or more free tickets at the following link:
If you want to know why the performance has already been awarded as "Best Business Show", you can visit the Holography Show (Hall 3B) on 16.01.2019 get to know personally the opening of the legendary "Best of Events-Partynight".
Jens Knör / owner and marketing expert
Hackenberg 16, 42897 Remscheid-Lennep
Tel. 02191-66 66 55 and mobile 0172-3976730


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