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Johannes Böckenhoff
Here are a few thoughts: if you wanna develop a thorough understanding of renewable energy (bottom up, project development to completion) in different sectors, you should probably volunteer to do a 5-6 month internship with an international renewables developer. That would give you a good understanding of the underlying basics, and should provide you with a good platform. Now, I reckon that Switzerland is probably not the best place to be, but your language skills might turn out to be rather helpful when looking for a job further up north.
What do you think ?
Best regards
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David Imai
Hi Julius,
I just joined this group and would be interested in an alumni event or Stammtisch if it can be organized. I'm actually surprised that there isn't already an alumni group in Ffm. Such a group would have been great for the NCAA tournament!
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I am Joseph Franklyn McElroy, owner and CEO of Corporate Performance Artists ( ) a NYC Marketing Agency integrating Internet and Television Advertising Campaigns with Search Engine Marketing. We are strategic partners with one of the largest independent Media Buying firms (Corinthian Media) with over $400M in sales. I am known as "the Search Artist" because of my expertise in Search Engine Optimization and because my wife and I are an internationally known artist collaboration ( I graduated Duke in 1984, worked in the tech industry starting at IBM, then evolved into a serial entrepreneur and artist. I raised a few million during the dot-com days, did the mid-life crisis travel around the country in an RV thing, and now am dedicated to building this company and exploring creativity in business, life, and art. Give me a shout if your interests run the same.


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