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The group is all about meeting people who are interested in technology, design and creating great user experiences for digital products.

Mayra De Ita Bautista UX Karlsruhe Meetup.
Hi guys,
Blue Yonder will host the next UX Karlsruhe Meetup on April, 28 from 7-9pm.
Beyond Visualization
Visualization is at the core of many UX efforts. However, it is one form of interaction that the human body is capable. This workshop will introduce and overview cognitive architectures from the US that are useful in understanding how computer science and psychological theory merge, and in one surprising case, match fMRI studies. It is possible to predict human computer interaction with these tools and possibly break new grounds in HCI.
See you soon!
Mayra De Ita Bautista Visual Thinking --> Sketchnotes
Habt ihr schon erfahrung mit Sketchnotes? Ich finde es ist ein interessantes Thema. Vielleicht könnten wir mal eine Session machen und ein paar Tipps und Tricks austauschen.
Übrigens Smashing Magazine bietet zwei Worshops zu dem Thema


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