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Kent Eliasson Right owner - Double your company's sales or selling your business
To CEO, CFO, Owner
We at Arch work with owner-managed companies and the idea is to help owners to develop their companies. We offer two free consultations.
Offer 1: Doubling Your Company's Sales, you will have five suggestions.
See website:
Offer 2: Sell Your Company Successful, you will get a proposal.
See website:
These consultations may likewise apply to all types of enterprises and organizations.
Book a 15-minute free consultation today by phone, either by mail ( or by phone +46- 8-585 708 00. This offer is valid until Friday 2015-05-30.
The carrying out of this consultation is Kent Eliasson. Kent currently works as chairman of the board in Nordic growth companies in various companies, large and small.
Yours sincerely
Kent Eliasson, CEO of Arch AB
Wallingatan 18
S-111 24 Stockholm
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Executive Partnership Opportunity: Exclusive Sweden Representative – General Manager
We are looking for entrepreneurs, network leaders to launch, develop and sustain business.
This could be your next job and a new business challenge
Partner Profile: self-employed with an proven track record experience 20+ years B2B, preferably in business services (interim management & consultancy) and in trading (merchant activities), corporate finance and hr search.
Our and your aim should be online matching needs that will generate advertising revenues and offering excellent offline business and personal services.
We are dedicated that our sophisticated portal will achieve the internet status of an authority in guiding and reducing barriers by direct linking business and social needs and interests. Due to this, the portal will bef or our business partners also a business lead generator for offline management business services.
In partnerships we look for a perfect fit as we do business on the principles of joint result, integrity, compliance and excellence.
This is a sincere business proposal for a highly experienced interim manager / business consultant - a background investigation will be a standard part of the application procedure.
Interested see for additional information and to apply ;


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