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ees - electrical energy storage

The magazine ees International – The Electrical Energy Storage Magazine

Xenia Zoller Convergent Energy + Power and IHI, Inc. Launch the Largest Behind-The-Meter Energy Storage System on the Market
The biggest behind-the-meter energy storage system, with hardware and software provided by the energy storage division of IHI, Inc., will significantly reduce the amount of grid electricity the facility consumes during grid peak periods.
Xenia Zoller Largest Namibian Solar and Storage Facility Realized by CRONIMET
CRONIMET Mining Power Solutions Namibia and OLC Solar Energy realized Namibia’s largest combined solar and storage facility project. The two companies took charge of all aspects, from financing to engineering and installation. The 150 kWp PV system is equipped with a Qinous 332 kWh lithium-ion energy storage system and already started operating.
Xenia Zoller Dr. Cathy Foley Takes Over as Chief Scientist at CSIRO
World-renowned physicist Dr. Cathy Foley will take over as Chief Scientist at CSIRO in September. Foley, who has made a major contribution to the $6 million global exploration of minerals through her work on superconducting devices and systems, says:
Xenia Zoller Growth in the UK Balancing Market: Limejump New Competitor for the Big 6
With the entry of energy technology innovator Limejump, renewable and decentralised energy producers now have access to the UK Balancing Market and will be able to compete with the Big 6 and other National Grid Balancing Mechanism power plants.
Renewable energies, batteries and demand management systems are part of Limejump's portfolio, which has been growing rapidly since 2015.
Xenia Zoller Plug & Play DER Challenge: Smart Grid Community to Find Intelligent Ideas for the Integration of Distributed Energy Resources and DERs into the Utility Grid
National laboratories and non-profit organizations are calling on the smart grid community to develop conceptual solutions for integrating distributed energy resource systems or DERs into the grid. To facilitate future technology integration, the goal of the Plug & Play DER Challenge is to improve interoperability between different devices and systems.


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