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ees - electrical energy storage

The magazine ees International – The Electrical Energy Storage Magazine

Gregory Smith Advanced Energy Storage Systems: World Trends for Advancing the Use of Energy Storage | Makes The Grid More Flexible and Adaptable
Advanced energy storage refers to the method of storing electricity when changing it into energy. The energy is reborn back to electricity for later use. Advanced energy storage technologies amass energy from totally different sources and store it in numerous mediums for a amount of your time before supply it to power or energy providing services.
It comprises of conventional as well as novel energy storage technologies such as pumped hydro, battery storage, flywheel, thermal, and hydrogen storage.
The global craving for electricity is rising at an enormous pace as a result of factors like speedy urbanization, manufacture, and also the mounting rise in international population. As a result, the requirement for energy storage is anticipated to stay sturdy to timely and with efficiency provide power to the specified end-user.
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The demand for effective and advanced energy storage technologies is additionally rising thanks to development in renewables energy resources, improvement of old utility grid networks, and better energy demand prices.
For photovoltaic systems, battery storage is that the most well-liked selection. Lithium-ion batteries ar most typical for power generation in mobiles and laptops however want a lot of improvement for power generation applications. Battery storage remains pricey thanks to variety of things like want for brand spanking new technologies, overcharge protection, and improved reliability and safety.
The phase of thermal energy storage, representing another economical energy storage choice, is anticipated to grow speedily within the advanced energy storage trade as a result of the increasing specialise in renewable energy.
Xenia Zoller BASF and Nornickel Join Forces to Cover Growing Demand for Car Battery Materials
German chemicals company BASF and Russian metal producer Nornickel want to jointly cover the increasing demand for battery materials in the European automotive market. The first production facility of the cooperation will be built in the industrial city of Harjavalta, Finland.
Xenia Zoller New Approach to Maintaining the Energy Density of Lithium Sulfur Batteries
Researchers at Drexel College of Engineering have long been investigating the well-known problem of maintaining the performance of lithium-sulfur batteries. In the past, lithium-sulfur batteries proved to be more, advantageous as compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries, for instance in terms of efficieny.
Xenia Zoller SolarEdge Technologies Expands Portfolio with Acquisition of Kokam Co, Ltd.
SolarEdge Technologies acquired 75% of South Korean lithium-ion battery provider Kokam Co., Ltd. Furthermore, SolarEdge Technologies intends to fully acquire the remaining shares of the Korean OTC market.
“The acquisition of Kokam will enable us to grow our offering, adding already proven battery storage to our product portfolio,” said Guy Sella, CEO, Chairman and Founder of SolarEdge.
Xenia Zoller EDF Plans to Become Europe’s Leading E-Mobility Company
French electric utility company Électricité de France (EDF) is getting ready to become the e-mobility energy sector leader in France, UK, Italy and Belgium, EDF’s four biggest European energy markets. The new Electric Mobility Plan is the company’s third contribution to ensuring CO2-free power.


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