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ees - electrical energy storage

The magazine ees International – The Electrical Energy Storage Magazine

Xenia Zoller New Storage System at ees Europe
VoltStorage GmbH, a Munich-based company that develops power-storage systems for photovoltaic facilities in private households, will be presenting a new generation of vanadium-redox-flow batteries at ees Europe in June. With levelized cost of storage (LCOS) around 10 Ct/kWh, the VoltStorage SMART is one of the most cost-efficient storage solutions for private households in the European market.
Philipp Krüger BYD Launched 20 Pure Electric Buses on Jeju Island
BYD Company Ltd., a leading high-tech expert for rechargeable batteries, launched 20 pure electric buses on Jeju Island, South Korea. The project is the largest project of its kind in all Northeast Asia. On Udo, the largest of the islands of Jeju City, the mid-size eBus-7 will navigate the narrow roads without emitting any carbon and therefore leave the untouched nature as it is.
Xenia Zoller THEnergy Supports Growing Potential of Mini-Grids
THEnergy is a consultancy firm highly-specialized on microgrids/mini-grids and offgrid renewable energy. This week, the company released a short report about their latest market observation in these areas and the growing potential of mini-grids for rural electrification.
akash kale Energy Adviser: Heat pump water heaters a long-term investment
Water heaters always seem to fail at the worst of times. When it happens, you’re in cold water — and frantic to get your hot water back. While it’s not the best of times to do an analysis of the many new technology options you might buy, doing so can save you big on your power bill
Xenia Zoller French National Utility EDF Strives to Become European Leader in Energy Storage
One of the world’s largest electricity producers, French company EDF, announced to realize a total of 10 GW of energy storage projects globally by the year 2035. With a planned investment of approximately 8 billion Euros, the company aims to become European leader in the fields of battery storage and pumped-storage hydroelectricity.


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