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Emerging Markets: EEMEA

The mission of Emerging markets EEMEA Group is to bring together international business professionals in developed and emerging markets.

Jackie Bojor Expanding into Europe via Romania
Railway and port accessibility make Romania a great destination for Asian companies looking for a better European presence, and Romania has a very good connection to the west. Romania will have a network of 1,387 km of highways and high-speed roads by the end of 2022, according to the plans of the National Road Infrastructure Administration Company.
According to the FRD Center analysis based on data from the National Statistics Institute, the flow of goods by road in Romania has registered 58,761 million tons-km in 2018, up 7.4% compared to 2017.
Various investments currently take place in the Constanta Port, the biggest port in Romania. The company that manages the Port - Constanta Maritime Ports Administration - has awarded the Italian group Impresa di Costruzioni Ing. E. Mantovani a 30 mEUR contract for modernising the infrastructure of Constanta Port. The contract has been signed in November 2018 and the Italian company has 20 months to complete the works, which include deepening the port’s basins from 7 meters to 9 meters.
Why to expand to Romania? Romania is one of the most dynamic economies in Europe and a gateway to both the EU and Eastern European markets. For tailor-made market research, target origination, M&A advisory services, B2B matchmaking with players in Romania and the Emerging Markets in Europe, for targets search and deal origination feel free to contact the FRD Center team at email: or tel: +4021 411 1459/60/61
Jackie Bojor Export opportunities for Chemical and Organic Fertilizers in Romania
Who are the main importer-distributors of #Chemical #Fertilisers and #Organic #Fertilizers in Romania? What are the fertilizers #export opportunities in order to access the #Romanian farms and large #agricultural groups? How to access the market opportunities in the Romanian #agriculture and #agribusiness sector?
How to reach the decision makers in the main importer-distributors of #ChemicalFertilisers and #OrganicFertilizers in #Romania? Are you looking to connect with Romanian importers and buyers of #agrochemicals, of #agrotechnology, of #agriculturalequipment and #farmmachinery? Perhaps we can assist you with the #MarketEntry and #B2BMatchmaking.
If interested to receive our offer, feel free to contact the FRD Center team at
email: or tel: +4021 411 1459
Jackie Bojor Export opportunities in machining centres, industrial robots or machine tools
Are you looking to export machining centres, industrial robots or machine tools in the Emerging Markets in Europe such as Romania, Czechia, Poland, Lithuania, Serbia and Hungary?
Perhaps we could collaborate and assist you reach the Decision Makers in local importing companies? Also, we could carry out a multi-country analysis in order to decide which of the economies in Eastern Europe presents more opportunities.
Interested to have a personalised multi-country analysis and market opportunity assessment for your company's corporate development and export strategy?
Contact the FRD Center team at:


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