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Energy Storage

Gewinnung und Speicherung von erneuerbaren Energien ist ein Thema, das Wissenschaftler und Politiker weltweit bewegt- diskutieren Sie mit!

Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Marktreife Schwungrad-, Redox-Flow- und Power-2-X-Speicher
Auf der Energy Storage Europe zeigen Aussteller erstmals marktreife Schwungrad-, Redox-Flow- und Power-2-X Speicherlösungen unter einem Dach. Die aktuelle Pressemeldung hier:
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Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Profi-Entwickler statt Bürgerinitiativen
Bürgerwindparks sollen künftig keine Vorteile mehr gegenüber kommerziell betriebenen Anlagen genießen. Doch ohne solche Privilegien haben kleine Initiativen im Ausschreibungswettbewerb so gut wie keine Chance mehr:
Boris Langerbein Energy Storage Europe: Lassen Sie sich Ihren individuellen Großspeicher zusammenstellen
Ware von der Stange war gestern. Heute können Sie sich Ihre persönliche Müsli-Mischung zusammenstellen, bei Software oder Autos gibt es ebenfalls zahllose Varianten, wie Sie sich Ihr persönliches Produkt zusammenstellen. Warum sollte das nicht auch bei Energie-Großspeichern möglich sein?
Clare Treverton International SAP Conference for Utilities, 17-19 April, Lisbon
Our aim is to build a forward-thinking agenda which directly answers the digital transformation questions for the current utilities market. As part of the process, we consulted with an Advisory Board comprising five of the industry's biggest hitters (Jemena, SA Power Networks, K Electric, EDP, E.ON) and asked them which of their hottest topics they would like to see covered at the conference.
Download the results of the survey here:
Kate Eldridge Williams, McLaren and Johnson Matthey Discuss Maximising Technology Transfer between Race Track and Road
The founder of the Formula E championship Alejandro Agag has suggested that the brief, three second buzz of an electric power train propelling a car from 0-100 km/hour is more akin to the pod racers in Star Wars movies than the clamour made by Formula One, its boisterous sibling with an internal combustion engine. However, despite the lack of noise, drivers are swiftly learning to adapt to new signals, changing gear when prompted using visual rather than audio cues. It is this type of adaptation that will be needed when incorporating bleeding edge technology from both Formula E and Formula One into ordinary power trains to mitigate any performance and cost issues that might arise.
Taking the best technology from performance or racing vehicles and incorporating it into everyday drive systems is common enough that many global F1 brands including Ferrari, Williams, McLaren, Honda and Mercedes have road and Formula 1 engineers regularly sharing expertise and innovation. The ‘technology transfer’ works in both directions, but to see some of the highly complex systems that are coming down the track for the road driver and vehicle, there are often big clues to be found in the drive train and battery systems of an elite sports car. Where Formula One, E and performance vehicles may have an open cheque book, the same can certainly not be said of road car manufactures that are under pressure to deliver more efficient cars at the most economical possible rates.
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