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Dave Preston Getting (your) graffiti wrong!
Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Slightly less serious side of English.
How embarrassing getting graffiti wrong! You would have thought doing his homework first would be a no-brainer (Das versteht sich von selbst). But not for our Brian, in a flash of madness, he ran out, paint & brush in hand and started daubing (etw pinseln) “Romans go home“ in Latin (or so he thought).
Luckily, a passing (on foot patrol) Roman centurion noticed Brian‘s abysmal (grottenschlect) attempt (Versuch) at Latin, and took it upon himself (etw auf sich nehmen) to coach him to the correct version and told him to repeat it 100 times.
For help with your graffitti, mail centurioncoachings@lifeof
To relive this epic scene form Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian‘, push the link to youtube
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Why learning this one English tense will make you sound like a pro
"What is typically one of the first tenses taught in English classes but one of the last to be fully and correctly integrated into speaking and writing?
It’s the often misunderstood (and sometimes dreaded) present perfect tense."
Here's our latest blog article about the correct use of the present perfect tense, including use and examples - for anyone who is looking to elevate their English skills :)
Dave Preston
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Dave Preston The language of a Flu epidemic.
Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: The language of a Flu epidemic.
It finally got me on Tuesday, with the typical symptoms like my throat feeling rough (Es kratzte mich im Hals), blocked nose, headache, limb pains (Gliederschmerzen) as well as feeling cold all over. I went down with the flu! (sich eine Grippe zuziehen)
My boss told to get myself off to the doc a.s.a.p. – which I did gladly. “Have you brought time with you, asked the well-meaning (wohlmeinend) receptionist at the docs?“. I felt like saying “No, I actually wanted to climb Mt Everest“ but I guess she might get the hint of (Hauch von) sarcasm in my answer so I didn‘t.
Indeed, the waiting was packed, standing space only, I took my place in the queue and waited, wrote a few whatsapps, read the BBC Sports app from beginning to end, finally a seat, and waited, wrote 23 blog posts, planned 2019, finished my autobiography.
My doc is great – compassionate (mitfühlend), caring (fürsorgend) and started her checkup routine and awarded me with a sick note. I was wriiten off until the end of the week (Krankschrieben). Arriving home I was greeted by my son, who probably pass the flu on to me (anstecken). He thankfully was slowly but surely on the mend (auf dem Weg zur Besserung).
I don’t really recall Wednesday – I spent most of it sleeping and when I was awake I felt tied, like death warmed up (sterberig zumute sein) , and even had difficulty moving (around) I was so weak.
I also popped pills, took medicine, drank sage tea (Salbeitee) YUK! (Igitt!) and went through the various stages of sweating (switzen), coughing (Husten), sneezing (Niesen), blocked then running nose (Fließschnupfen) etc
As I write I’m gradually getting back to A1 and I hope that was my flu vacination (Impfung) for the rest of 2018.
QOTD. Would you recommend having a flu shot (Grippeimpfung)?
Hope you a have a healthy weekend. Take care. Dave
Angela Schwarz
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Michael Meister
It probably didn't matter this year, as they did get the mix wrong. In general I would go for the jab, rather that than the flue.
Btw. a couple of years ago the rebranded the sick note on the UK. Officially it is a fit not now. Doctors are encouraged to state what kind of work you're still able to do to encourage people back to work quicker.
Dave Preston Disasters
Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Tuesday Teaser.
Unfortunately disasters, be they man-made or natural are a regular occurrence and often appear in the news(papers). Below are a list of disasters (left) and what happens (right). Match them up so they make sense e.g. Nuclear accident + radiation leaks. NB ‘break out’ goes with two disasters
1. Earthquake A) breeches (river) banks/defences
2. Drought B) erupts
3. Hurricane C) crashes
4. Volcano D) breaks out
5. Train (accident) E) (an area) suffers
6. Flood F) shakes (an area)
7. War / fighting/unrest G) sweeps (through an area)
8. Vehicle H) spreads out (over an area)
9. Oil spill I) breaks out
10. epidemic J) derails/comes off the track
1)………… 2) ………… 3) ………… 4) ………… 5) …………. 6) ………… 7) ………… 8) ………… 9) ………… 10) …………….
1) F 2) E 3) G 4) B 5) J 6) A 7) D or I 8) C 9) H 10) D or I
Part 2 What about the results?
1. Earthquake A) rescue services are at the scene / rescue &
recovery is underway / scores injured
2. Drought B) evacuate people/residents
3. Hurricane C) buildings flood / people drown
4. Volcano D) buildings collapse / rescue services search
the rubble for survivors / death toll mounts
5. Train E) people become infected & ill
6. Flood F) people are killed /raped/ forced to leave /
flee an area
7. War /fighting/unrest G) slike spreads and contaminate sea life
8. Vehicle H) crops fail / famine /starvation
9. Oil spill I) passengers are (seriously) injured / killed
10. Epidemic J) power cables are down / roofs ripped off
/trees uprooted/blown over
1)………… 2) ………… 3) ………… 4) ………… 5) …………. 6) ………… 7) ………… 8) ………… 9) ………… 10) …………….
1) D 2) H 3) J 4) B 5) I 6) C 7) F 8) A 9) G 10) E
Dave Preston
Shit, just noticed the shitty spacing!!! sorry for that. Well hope you picked up a few titbits here and there, anyway


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