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Sitting on the couch, talking about the most eccentric, cold and aloof, weird and insane nation of the world and flamboyant personalities.

Nadia Birkenstock Celtic Harper and Singer entering THE LOUNGE
Hi everybody, I'm number 5, I suppose? I loved the idea of THE LOUNGE instantly - What a wonderful place to hang out!
As far as I know I have no british/welsh/irish/scottish genes whatsoever, but I love the language, have a lot of freckles showing up on sunny days AND (now this is really weird), French people keep telling me that I have a slight English accent when I talk in French, even though I'm German.
If you like to find out more about me check out
Does anybody of you know the Author Terry Pratchett? He's a british author, creator of the famous Discworld series. You could call it fantasy, but it's much more than that: it's highly satirical of today's society, great to improve your skills in English and incredibly funny. Try it. I've become addicted to it over the last 10 years and about 25 books...
Take care


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