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Sitting on the couch, talking about the most eccentric, cold and aloof, weird and insane nation of the world and flamboyant personalities.

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Mark Wolkanowski, bislang bekannt als exaltierter Sprachtrainer mit ausgefallenem Geschmack (schwarzer Gehrock, Spazierstock mit Porzellangriff etc.), hat umgesattelt.
Bislang bot der gebürtige Schotte Sprachtrainings an, in denen er seine gut zahlende Klientel - größtenteils Manager der höchsten Ebene - mit gezielt eingesetzter Arroganz und Provokation aus der Reserve lockte.
"Das wurde mir aber irgendwann zu langweilig" , bekennt der Trainingsexot, der das Gefühl hatte, von der Old-Economy-Liga als Prestigeobjekt gebucht zu werden.
"In einer Reihe mit der Versace-Ausstattung für die Ehefrau", scherzt Wolkanowski. Um eine neue Spezies an sich zu ziehen, nämlich Jungmanager, die viel auf Reisen sind, bietet der ausgebildete Psychologe nun Coaching-Sitzungen in englischer Sprache an.
Das Angebot soll helfen, z. B. vor einer Geschäftsreise ins Ausland den dortigen Auftritt vorzubereiten.
Diese Nachricht stammt aus managerSeminare - Portal für Führung und Personalentwicklung
Das Weiterbildungsportal, Personlaentwicklung, Trainerausbildung
Kevin Wilhelm Save mankind - Become tech-savvy!
--- My thoughts about why not only Software Engineers should be technology proficient. ---
From the beginning of the first living thing on earth all the way to the modern human race our ancestors have undergone an evolution through millions and millions of years. Slowly but surely becoming what we are today, incapable of grasping the origins of where we came from, simply because of the overwhelming amount of time and change it involved.
Only within the past few centuries mankind has actually felt time passing by in a much faster pace, groundbreaking innovations that replace one another faster than what we humans have ever experienced before. And here we are now: Living in the 21st century for more than a decade already, well in the era of information overflow and technological revolution.
And yet we know so little and look into a future of even more advanced technology to come. This is why I personally believe, that it is not just us, the software engineering professionals and associated roles and industries, that need to be technology savvy and think out-of-the-box of our profession. It is not just us! The information technology has long left its dark, windowless basement rooms, being mastered only by the most persisting, keyboard-fiddling nerds.
Professions that were traditionally not associated with software engineering at all must embrace the upcoming decades of change. We must accept that even the most historic crafting industries one day need to face the implications of this progress and seek the opportunity to evolve for the good. The sooner the better!
If asked I would strongly suggest to keep your eyes open and try to figure out how your industry can embrace the next big wave of technological progress that will undoubtedly follow. However, make sure to stay human and think of your fellow people: The years coming will demand for new jobs. Jobs that we cannot even think of, let alone name yet. Traditional jobs might have to transition into new jobs. Entire new professions will have to be put in place. Let progress not divide us!
Therefore I think in our society every one of us must become technology savvy! And not enough: No matter what you are doing for a living: Start loving your job! The German word for job is "Beruf". And when a job becomes a vocation, "Beruf" becomes "Berufung". I believe I have transitioned to the later one years ago.
In the end let us keep in mind: Not just for ourselves, but also for the coming generations, we have to find a balance between cold, technological progress and staying human.
English Comedy, Craft Beer & Pizza // Berlin Beer Week
Monday 23rd & Thursday 26th July 2018
Berlin Beer Week 2018 & Cosmic Comedy present :
Craft Beer & English Comedy Night
Free Pizza & Shots on entry.
Berliner Berg Craft Beer Brewery and Cosmic Comedy Club present Comedy in English language during the Berlin Beer Week.
Come buy and enjoy fresh Craft Beer from Berlin and listen to some of the best comedians in Berlin.
Pizza & Shots: 8.00pm
Main Show: 9.00pm
Tickets: 18€ / includes 3 x Local Berlin Craft Beers, Shots on entry, tasty vegetarian Pizza & an amazing comedy show in English.
Regular Cosmic Comedy tickets also available.
Craft Beers also available at the bar all night.
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Craft Beer by : Berliner Berg Brewery
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