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Christine Lorenczuk Cultural Differences and International Business Cultures.
Learning a new language can be extremely beneficial for improving your
competitiveness in the global market. But even though you have increased your ability to communicate with new business partners, misunderstandings may still arise. These are often due to differing viewpoints with regard to how business should be done. More often than not, simply learning a language is not enough to ensure a successful business transaction. Intercultural competence is also of great importance. Consider investing in some intercultural training courses or learning more about the cultures of your business partners. We here at Logos are happy to provide you and your company with more tools to ensure future growth and success through our workshops on cultural differences and international business cultures. Our team has diverse and extensive knowledge of Asian, North American, European, and Middle-Eastern cultures. We can create a workshop specifically for you and your employees, ensuring higher cross-cultural competence, no matter where your business endeavors may take you.
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Christine Lorenczuk Teach English in the Nuremberg area
LOGOS Sprachinstitut is currently looking for highly motivated English native speakers with excellent teaching qualifications and experience.
LOGOS provides special English training for business professionals in the Nuremberg/Fürth/Erlangen area. Courses range from basic English training to proficient business communication, including both technical AND interpersonal skills.
LOGOS specializes in in-house training. A driving licence and/or the willingness to travel within the area are therefore essential. A limited number of classes are being held on the premises of Logos-Sprachinstitut in the city centre of Nuremberg.
LOGOS offers small classes of highly motivated students and the chance to work in a class A business environment.
Renumeration is above average.
For further information please contact:
Dr Andreas Lorenczuk
Tel: 0911/2 87 77 25
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Christine Lorenczuk Merry Christmas
As 2017 comes to an end, we here at Logos Sprachinstitut would like to take the time to wish everyone in the Nuremberg area a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We would like to thank all of our students for their dedication to learning and hard work throughout the year. We look forward to seeing all of our current partners again in 2018. And as Clement Clarke Moore said in his poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas", "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night."
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Christine Lorenczuk It`s Not My Cup Of Tea!
Many people feel that language learning is not their cup of tea. Some people feel bored or sometimes frustrated in traditional language classes. Here at Logos Sprachinstitut, we really get to know our language learners to ensure that they receive the attention and instruction they need for greater development in their target language. This makes the language learning process more enjoyable and provides you, the learner, with the skills and confidence you need to be successful in using the language. So, no matter how you take your tea, we'll make sure that it's just what you ordered.
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