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Today, we take a look at the start of the FIFA World Cup, but this phrase doesn’t even have to be used in a sports situation. This week’s phrase is:

“It’s a whole new ballgame.”

This phrase means being in a situation you’re not familiar with. For example, a business person now needing to teach young students in the classroom might say: “I’m used to working with adults, but these kids are a whole new ballgame.”

In the globalized business world, we talk a lot about cross-cultural competence. We know it is something that everyone needs if they want to succeed in international business but figuring out exactly what it is and exactly how to get it is easier said than done.

See how cross-cultural competence is more than just knowing a foreign language or being familiar with a culture:

What is slang really? Bad words your mother told you never to say? Words your teachers used to tell you that you couldn't use in your history papers? The word 'slang' is really hard to define, as is identifying slag words. Did you know that many slang words have made their way into our work lives? In the field of IT, many technicians spend much of their days fixing 'glitches' or 'bugs'. Both of these terms mean that there is a fault or defect in the computer software. But did you know that both terms are slang? New meanings of already existing words are created all the time. They make our languages more colorful and metaphorical, and in time, many of them are used so often, we forget they're slang. So next time you're told to avoid slang words in whatever you're doing, you may have to stop speaking your language and learn Latin instead.

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Learning a new language can be extremely beneficial for improving your

competitiveness in the global market. But even though you have increased your ability to communicate with new business partners, misunderstandings may still arise. These are often due to differing viewpoints with regard to how business should be done. More often than not, simply learning a language is not enough to ensure a successful business transaction. Intercultural competence is also of great importance. Consider investing in some intercultural training courses or learning more about the cultures of your business partners. We here at Logos are happy to provide you and your company with more tools to ensure future growth and success through our workshops on cultural differences and international business cultures. Our team has diverse and extensive knowledge of Asian, North American, European, and Middle-Eastern cultures. We can create a workshop specifically for you and your employees, ensuring higher cross-cultural competence, no matter where your business endeavors may take you.

#businessenglish #logossprachinstitut #internationalbusiness #interculturalcompetence #tailoredenglishcourses #englishforspecialpurposes #interculturalcommunication #culturalworkshops #crossculturalcommunication #culturalsensitivity