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Enterprise Architect (SparxSystems) Benutzer

Für alle am UML Modellierungswerkzeug von Sparx interessiert sind und solchen, die sich über Enterprise Architect informieren möchten.

Helmut Ortmann ReqIF requirement import in EA
The open source tool hoReverse now supports import of ReqIF requirements.
The main features are:
- ReqIF Version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2
- Import the requirements according to an Import Specification
-- Nested requirements
-- Graphics, text and attributes
-- A requirement module is stored in a package
-- Linked Document for formatted text
-- Tagged values for attributes
-- Tested with DOORS
-- Define EA Element type and <<stereotype>>
One click and all your requirement packages were updated!
Wolfgang Neuhaus Tailoring Enterprise Architect with MDG Technologies
Wolfgang Neuhaus Tailoring Enterprise Architect with add-ins


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