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Erlang contributions are very welcome at BOB!

BOB Conference 2020

"What happens when we use what's best for a change?"

Berlin, February 28

Call for Contributions

Deadline: November 8, 2019

You are actively engaged in advanced software engineering methods,

implement ambitious architectures and are open to cutting-edge

innovation? Attend this conference, meet people that share your goals,

and get to know the best software tools and technologies available

today. We strive to offer a day full of new experiences and

impressions that you can use to immediately improve your daily life as

a software developer.

If you share our vision and want to contribute, submit a proposal for

a talk or tutorial!

NOTE: The conference fee will be waived for presenters. Travel

expenses will not be covered (for exceptions see "Speaker Grants").

Speaker Grants


BOB has Speaker Grants available to support speakers from groups

under-represented in technology. We specifically seek women speakers

and speakers who are not be able to attend the conference for

financial reasons.



The program committee offers shepherding to all speakers. Shepherding

provides speakers assistance with preparing their sessions, as well as

a review of the talk slides.



We are looking for talks about best-of-breed software technology, e.g.:

- functional programming

- persistent data structures and database

- event-based modelling and architectures

- types

- formal methods for correctness and robustness

- abstractions for concurrency and parallelism

- metaprogramming

- probabilistic programming

- math and programming

- controlled side effects

- beyond REST and SOAP

- effective abstractions for data analytics

- ... everything really that isn’t mainstream, but you think should be.

Presenters should provide the audience with information that is

practically useful for software developers.

We're especially interested in experience reports.

Other topics are also relevant, e.g.:

- introductory talks on technical background

- overviews of a given field

- demos and how-tos



We accept proposals for presentations of 45 minutes (40 minutes talk +

5 minutes questions), as well as 90 minute tutorials for

beginners. The language of presentation should be either English or


Your proposal should include (in your presentation language of choice):

- An abstract of max. 1500 characters.

- A short bio/cv

- Contact information (including at least email address)

- A list of 3-5 concrete ideas of how your work can be applied in a developer's daily life

- additional material (websites, blogs, slides, videos of past presentations, …)

Submit here:



- Direct questions to contact at bobkonf dot de

- Proposal deadline: November 8, 2019

- Notification: November 22, 2019

- Program: December 6, 2019

Program Committee


(more information here:

- Matthias Fischmann, Wire

- Matthias Neubauer, SICK AG

- Nicole Rauch, Softwareentwicklung und Entwicklungscoaching

- Michael Sperber, Active Group

- Stefan Wehr, factis research

Scientific Advisory Board

- Annette Bieniusa, TU Kaiserslautern

- Torsten Grust, Uni Tübingen

- Peter Thiemann, Uni Freiburg

The Berlin Erlang Factory Lite programme is looking very interesting! On 1 Dec Berlin will be the best place in Europe to find out more about cool new Erlang and Elixir projects:

Heinz Gies: 'Diabolic Database Design'

Sonny Scroggin: 'Taking Off with Phoenix'

Meike Hecker: 'Don't fear Erlang, fear your Team'

Torben Hoffmann: 'Unleashing the Core Value'

Jörgen Brandt: 'Cuneiform: A Functional Workflow Language Implementation in Erlang'

Thomas Arts: 'QuickCheck Mini for Elixir'

Elba Sanchez and Guillermo Iguaran: 'Design by Contract in Elixir: "Let it crash" meets "It shouldn't crash"

Dennis Meyer: 'RTB and Big Data - where Erlang and Hadoop meet'

Peer Stritzinger: 'From zero to rebar3'

IMPORTANT: The Early Bird registration ends on 19 Nov. Price for one ticket is 89 EUR + VAT. To get a 50% off student discount please email from your university email account.

Make your contribution and submit a talk

Are you using Erlang or Elixir in an interesting project? Would you like to share your knowledge with colleagues, who are passionate about functional programming? For the third time in a row the Erlang Factory Lite gathers functional programming users in Berlin. This gives you a unique chance to present your work.

Early Bird tickets available from 5 Oct

The Early Bird registration starts on Monday 5 October and the price for the ticket is 89 EUR + VAT. In addition to that we have a special discount for students - 50% off the regular price.

Hurry up, the time is almost up! We are accepting talks only until 10 October - the sooner you submit the better!

Please submit your talk here

See you in Berlin!