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Danil Dintsis Call center audio assistant (Petralex Speech Communications)
PetralexSolutions ( is a special commercial service for call centers, help desks, sales departments, which use programming software-based VoIP.
We developed an audio system, which can transform a voice in a real time mode to make it more expressive, persuasive, decrease emotions, protect hearing.
We offer this system for call centers, help desks and salesperson, who use software phones to improve effectiveness of operator's work.
1 Automatic improvement of agent's speech in real time mode
2 Persuasive and expressive voice. Increase of efficiency without trainings
3 Automatic improvement of an agent's hearing in real time mode
4 Acute hearing. Increase of working capacity and health protection
We are seeking for partners, which develop and integrate call-center and CRM software.
Anna Fensel SEMANTiCS Conference now has a Xing Group
Join it to hear the news about SEMANTiCS - the meeting place for professionals who make semantic computing work, and understand its benefits and know its limitations.
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Digital Realtator
Dear group members,
my name is Ralf Lippold, and I'd call myself a Global Citizen living on, and with technologies the internet has enabled over the last 15 years.
You'll find more about me and digital appearance at
I envision a Europe of spread, and agile entrepreneurship.
My dream is to establish a mulit-disciplinary hightech & arts accelerator in Dresden based on the experience of over 20 years in diverse work environments.
What is it you dream to bring into the world of entrepreneurship?
Cheers, Ralf
PS.: Coming week is #JellyWeek 2012 - a good chance to connect, and accelerate the dream stated in this group.
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Online participation to the Digital Economy workshop at DAA 17 June. Shape the agenda!
Dear members of the EU Competitiveness on the Web,
We are approaching the dates of this important workshop "Future digital economy: a chance for competitive and innovative European entrepreneurs and organisations", where we are going to assess the progress of the Digital Agenda for Europe, identify challenges and mobilise stakeholders to make further progress in the domain of digital economy.
We remind you that it is also possible to participate in the online discussions previous to the event, for that you have three ways of doing it:
· To animate on twitter using the hashtag: #daa11economy, or on facebook/personal blog about the session:
· Add your ideas, suggestions or questions to the Google Moderator Series and by commenting this post.
Remember that the topics for the coffee corners/breakout sessions will be defined taking into account the ideas/suggestions sent by you give.
Many participants have already contributed to the online discussion. Invest some time and shape the workshop online!!
Danil Dintsis Interested in cooperation in e-learning (webinars)
The Specialist computer training center, the leading CTC in Russia, and the best Microsoft training center in Eastern Europe region (2010) . In 2009 we patented and started the new webinar learning method: webinar inClass. It combines class and webinar studies.
A webinar student connects (using special and very simple software) to certain class training. He/she watches translation from trainer’s computer, listens to his lecture, take part in common discussions, practices, and lab training is also available.
All training materials are available in electronic forms: e-learning, pdf-files, video recordings, etc.
Webinar students are provided with full access to lab environment, and practical tasks. The lab environment is the same one as for class attendees due to virtualization technologies, especially Hyper-V. As result webinar students gains the same practice as class students.
Webinar inClass won a number of prestigious international awards:
- Best innovation in learning technologies by LERN, Chicago, 2010.
- Level 1 winner in “Enter the Cloud competition” by Microsoft Russia and IAMCP Russia, 2011.
Our offers:
A. Partnership with learning centers and other IT companies in organizing webinar “Inclass” trainings. Potential audience: Russian speaking community in EU and CIS countries.
B. Franchisee for learning centers, and common training projects


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