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Feeling a bit like a fish out of water in these uncertain times? I certainly have my phases and have found focusing on what is important to me has my resilience. Read about self-management and wellbeing in times of Corona/Covid19 and see for yourself!

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Ihre aktuelle Position erlaubt es Ihnen nicht, Ihre Fähigkeiten effektiv einzusetzen und starke Ideen erfolgreich umzusetzen? Wie wäre es dann mit einer neuen Herausforderung, bei der Sie Ihr Potential voll einbringen können?


Bar-On (1997) has classified emotional capabilities in two main types. The first concerns necessary capacities, while the latter refers to facilitating capacities divided up into a set of five main areas of EQ.

(1) Intrapersonal abilities, which evaluate the individual's general

self-identification. This ability consists of being aware of, and understanding and relating to others, through our emotional self-awareness, assertiveness, self-realisation and emotional independence.

(2) Interpersonal abilities, including the three capacities of empathy, social responsibility and social relations, gathered together as the ability to manage strong emotions and control personal drives.

(3) Adaptability, or the individual's capacity to correctly appraise the world around him/her and efficiently adjust to new situations, together with the ability to create appropriate solutions to everyday problems. It includes the notions of reality testing, flexibility and problem-solving skills, or generally the ability to adapt to change and resolve problems of a personal and social nature.

(4) Stress management understood as the ability to both tolerate stress and keep Personal drives under control.

(5) The general state of mind, the ability to hold and convey a positive and optimistic view of life. This component includes two dimensions, namely optimism, and happiness.”  (Gabel, Dolan, Cerdin, 2005, 375-391)

Currently I´m writing my master thesis about cultural adjustment of Expats. Please help me with your attendance in my short survey, to find more aspect belonging to specific Expats personality traits and competencies.


At one time or another in our lives, we have all dreamt of leaving it all behind and starting a new career abroad.

Some people embark on this journey as an EXPAT for an international assignment; others decide to be self-initiated EXPAT- Preneurs.

In fact, how we see and interact with the world affects how the world reacts to us. Life in a new culture radiates to our perception of things. Our attitude towards life, all of this, colour our world, affect our health, our material prosperity and our general well-being. I am trying to get closer to the Business EXPAT gene. What attitudes does an EXPAT have towards the world around us?

To get a first-hand look at the truth, I´m inviting expats from all over the world to take my survey on the Expat Experience. If you are Your answers are welcome to support my Master's thesis and its theories.

Please use this link to the Survey; It will take you just 5 min.


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