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Aleksej Schoen EXPAT`s Intercultural management competencies
EXPAT`s Intercultural management competencies
Some interesting Core Concepts to intercultural adjustment.
managers transcultural competencies based on International Profiler, WorldWork LTD (3-12) and Deissler,2013, 25 (1-3)
1 Altruism: altruistic behaviour as a source of creativity and integration of dilemma
2 Transcultural mindset: the holistic perspective of culture and the mind
3 Openness: new thinking, welcoming strangers, acceptance
4 Flexibility: flexible behaviour, flexible judgement, learning languages
5 Personal autonomy: Inner purpose, focus on goals
6 Emotional strength: resilience, coping, the spirit of adventure
7 Perceptiveness: attuned, reflected awareness."
8 Listening orientation: active listening
9 Transparency: clarity of communication, exposing intentions
10 Cultural knowledge: information gathering, valuing difference
11 Influencing: rapport, the range of style, sensitivity to context
12 Synergy: creating new alternatives.
I am trying to get closer to the Business EXPAT gene. What attitudes does an EXPAT have towards the world around us? Are personalities showing higher level of self-awareness - attentiveness, self-efficacy - optimism – contentment better in cultural adjustment than others?
To get a first-hand look at the truth, I´m inviting expats from all over the world to take my survey on the Expat Experience. If you are Your answers are welcome to support my Master's thesis and its theories.
Please use this link to the Survey; It will take you just 3 min.
Aleksej Schoen Old Man also wants to get an academic degree
I'm 48 years old and probably slightly above the average of the EXPAT community.
Nevertheless, I am writing my MBA Master Thesis at the Berlin School Of Creative Leadership! Almost 20 years after my first attempt when I left university with a lot of inspiration but no degree.
However, the world is so exiting, fascinating, and beautiful, so I gave myself a second chance.
I am of Russian-German descent and now work in a creative profession in the US and the Philippines.
As many of you may have experienced, cultural differences have challenged me more than I expected.
Ergo: I made “relevance of personal traits in the trans-cultural environment” to my research topic, exploring the primal world beliefs of working EXPAT´s, so to say trying to get more insides about the "EXPAT gene".
Please be so kind as to help me answer my survey so that I will soon be wiser and on the other hand my children will finally have a university graduate as a father 😊.
It really only takes 3 minutes. Kindly give me your valuable time.
Veliyana Stoyanova Fullstack Developer in Malmö, Sweden
Hello everyone,
we are currently looking for a freelance Fullstack Developer with knowledge in React, Node.js and Java in Malmö, Sweden. If interested, have a look on the link below:


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