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Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar LEED and BREEAM announce global partnership which will influence RE and investments
Breaking new! Increadable announcement at Greenbuild Chicago:
'World’s Leading Green Building Organizations Team Up to Accelerate Progress to Advance Green Buildings, Communities and Cities.
USGBC and BRE partnership first of its kind for green building industry.'
The objectives that USGBC and BRE will immediately pursue and explore are to:
● Increase the level of engagement of existing buildings in the measurement, reporting and improvement of their environmental, social and wellbeing impact.
● Embrace a digital strategy that will raise our combined technological capabilities and establish industry-wide common data standards and protocols, to make our platforms simpler, smarter and more intelligent.
● Conduct research to identify future transformation opportunities to improve the sustainability credentials of the world’s buildings, communities and cities.