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Marius Schwarz That's us
my name is Marius Schwarz and i'm head of evolution hosting, a german hosting company with a Fedora foundation.
Due to it's great developer and maintainer base, Fedora is our favorite hosting plattform. We get an environment with up-to-date program releases, which is simple to maintain. This is important in a fast changing webhosting world, where php is driving it's releases at light speed and with it, all the big products like Typo3 , Wordpress and Joomla. If you wanne win this race, you have to use Fedora.
The constant changes to the system improves our products on a level, where we have to keep them systemnear to get the best out of the services used and blackboxed at the same time. This prevents big mistakes and sloopiness on our code basis.
A big thanks to all who made this possible inside the Fedora world.
Brigitte Ilsanker Port forwarding on fedora 16
I'm trying to configure fedora 16 on new 64bit servers by merely copying configuration from productive systems (kernel 2.6).
Seems that something around iptables has changed.
Configuring local port forwarding via the firewall GUI does not work as it did with fedora 14. Well, the GUI works and iptables list seems fine.
But it just doesn't do any port forwarding.
Does anyone know if there's additional conf to do, introduced with fedora 16?
Brigitte Ilsanker


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