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Group for all Foundryman all over the World. Welcome to the World of Foundry

Im Zuge eines Insolvenz-Abverkaufs einer Giesserei werden umfangreiche Elektro- und Mechanische Komponenten angeboten. Es handelt sich dabei um Siemens S5, S7, Prop.-Ventil-Technik, Siemens-Servos, Indramat, KUKA, ABB, SEW-FU´s, SEW-Drehstrommotore uvm.

Sehr interessant da kurzfristiger Abverkauf erwünscht!

Liste ist sehr umfangreich!

Bei Interesse sende ich Ihnen gerne die Artikellisten zu und gebe den Kundenkontakt weiter!

Einfach eine Anfrage zu uns senden!

Manfred Weller

0172 427 16 82

Title: Technical support, Iron Casting

University degree: Bachelor/Master in casting or material


• Highly diligent, motivated and hands-on disposition with strong execution capacity

• Willingness to work hands-on,

• Highly proactive and outgoing, good presentation skills

• Outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills

• Strong cross-cultural understanding

• Loyal and trustworthy


• Preferred are candidates with a strong engineering background in the iron casting parts of automotive components

• Successfully completed engineering science or material shaping

• At least 5 years of professional iron casting experience and proven successes in product development;

• Proven experience in managing complex projects

• Knowledge and practical know-how in the product development

• Familiar with IATF16949, Formel Q system.

• Excellent communication skills, learning skills and project management skills.

• Adaptability to different cultures

• Personal commitment, flexibility, initiative and independence

• High willingness to travel frequently within China

• Fluent in German and English skills, German nationality is must

• Readiness as local hire working in China at least 5 years


1. Be involved and support in RFQ, Technical Review and Project Management

2. Visit customer with sales, communicate with European customer to solve the open issues

3. Be involved in big quality issues on new projects as well on running projects related to Designing casting geometry, shrinkages, mechanical properties, dimension etc. in a systematic way

4. Coordination of solution findings for complex quality problems or technological problems in cooperation with BU Europe and 3rd party suppliers

5. Improvement of special product or other assignments

Reporting line: Managing director and close communication with European plants

Onboard time: In 3 months


Hallo an " Alle" im Feinguss und Galvanikformen Bereich !

Biete 3D Druck auf Thermojetdrucker v.

3DSYSTEMS in Wachs an .

Bauraum 200x 200x 200 mm

Die Oberfläche kann gefinist werden...

Habe Ich ihr Interesse geweckt dann

einfach mail an:

Das scannen von Modellen ist auch

möglich !

Ich freue mich auf ihre Anfragen sowie

nette Ideen und Flow's

AGB's auf Anfrage.....

Details die sehr fein sind können auch

gedruckt werden ( 0.01)mm....

Nette Grüße

F. Heinrichmaier

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