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Freelancer in Aviation Industry

Freelancer platform for consultants, experts and advisors in aviation industry to serve the increasing number of contracting positions.

Christian Knoop Scrum-Master ab sofort für Frankfurt und Zürich gesucht (Airline-Umfeld)
Für unseren Kunden im Ecommerce-Airline Umfeld suchen wir ab sofort für mindestens ein Jahr einen erfahrenen/eine erfahrene Scrum-Master.
Der Einsatz-Ort ist in Frankfurt und Zürich, fleißende Englisch- und Deutschkenntnisse werden vorausgesetzt.
Die Tätigkeit benötigt langjährige Erfahrung im Projektmanagent im generellen und langjährige Erfahrung im Scrum-Umfeld als Scrum-Master im speziellen.
Eine ausgeprägte pragmatische Hands-On-Haltung wird ebenso erwartet wie methodische Stärken.
Bei Interesse schicken Sie ihr aktuelles Profil möglichst sofort an: Die Besertzung der Position ist sehr zeitkritisch
Details können wir dann in einem persönlichen Gespräch besprechen.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Christian Knoop
Martin Wendnagel Fully functional portable Glass Cockpit
Hi folks,
have you heard of this new app: "Horizon - Your Portable Glass Cockpit"?
Two other private pilots and I have created this app because we are very pleased with the idea of flying with a glass cockpit, but the cost of the regular glass cockpits are too high for us.
"Horizon - Your Portable Glass Cockpit" is a fully functional glass cockpit with 3D Synthetic Vision, Moving Map, AHRS, Split Screen Views, etc., providing intuitive situational awareness.
It's best to just have a look at our feature video 😊
It uses the internal sensors of tablets or smartphones (GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer) and can therefore be used on almost every tablet and smartphone (available on the AppStore and PlayStore).
Our idea is to offer an innovative product created by and for pilots.
Our goal is to maximize safety during flight, so you can focus on what flying really is about - the joy of flying.
Each user can use "Horizon" with all its features for two months completely free of charge. Then you either set up a payment method or the card and terrain data would vanish - the other features will still be available for free.
If there is a lot of interest, we can certainly talk about keep using the app for favorable conditions.
If there are any questions, just ask - we appreciate any feedback!
Best regards and Happy Landings!
Marta Casaramona Welcome to the new Xing Group for Freelancers in the aviation industry!
cherryfish is an early-stage start up in Berlin with the goal of establishing a freelancer platform with an automated matching process between companies and experts, consultants and project managers. 
And... Sharing is caring so, we would appreciate if you spread the word with your contacts so we can have a good community.
Also, we would like to integrate your views to optimize our product and would very much appreciate if you share your experiences with us regarding the current freelancer recruiting process you re-live every day.
- Where is the optimization potential?
- What needs to be changed?
- Are you happy with the current process?
We are looking forward to read your views and shared experiences !
Marta Casaramona New routes in Argentina


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