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Seval Yavuz Real estate investment TURKEY 100
Our company find required properties such as lands, hotels, villas, homes. We have flats received from contractor for landownership. We also draw architectural project.
If you know English, Please contact with Aslı Yılmaz.
Contact: +090 507 2357220
Web site:
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Whatever you do, wherever you work and no matter whom you know there is always someone looking to buy or invest in property abroad.
Why not, with the help and support from Aslıhan take advantage of this?
At Aslıhan we have a separate department that deals only with our agents.
This ranges from international property estate agents to previous Aslıhan clients who introduce their family and friends to us.
Our agents form a strong support to the ‘Aslıhan Tree’ and have benefited from our achievements along the way.
Why not give us a call and see how we can help you earn very good commission by very little effort with our lead referral option?
If you want to work with us, we divide total commission into our partners. If you bring architectural project to our company as an estate agent, you gain %5 commission from project cost.
For those of you who are already in the overseas property market you can increase your portfolio and offer you clients something unique in design and quality!
What ever you choose you will be given 100% support and guidance from our agent support department who are experts in this field.
Shine Li Our concept based on the Confucius
Our concept based on the Confucius: three friends walks together, another two must be my teachers; and we walks together, many friends among us must be my teachers. (三人行必有我师焉,我们行必有多师焉!)
Shine Li I'm Shine
Welcome to join this group, wish every one can enjoy and relax here.


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