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Conan Reichelt Starting with an introduction :)
Hello everyone!
I just joined this group to find more people interested in Japan. My interest in Japan started with Anime, which led to my hobbies: cosplay and Kendo; but it soon developed into deeper interest for its culture, people and language. Taking Japanese lessons during my studies was how I got started, but as my studies in Hamburg mainly focussed on Marketing, Controlling, Organisation, Financing, BWL and Chinese and my university didn't offer Japanese, I had to take my lessons at a language school after my lectures. I finished my studies, but couldn't find a job then, so I decided on an apprenticeship in electronic engineering at DB Regio in Kiel.
During that time I was able to take further Japanese lessons and me and my fiance went to Japan on holiday - which was a dream coming true for both of us. We visited Osaka, Nara and Kyoto, which deepened our passion for Japan. I even proposed to her at 音羽山清水寺 on the last night it opened it's gate to night time visitors.
After my apprenticeship I started to work at the company I had my apprenticeship at and I have been working there since. I currently work at a work shop repairing trains, but due to the rather complicated shift system I can't take Japanese lessons anymore, as I would only be able to visit about half of the scheduled lessons. That makes me quite sad, as I am fluent in German and English and would love to use Chinese and Japanese as well on a regular basis, but it is currently impossible to keep my language levels up, especially in Chinese.
That being said I'm also looking for new opportunities to follow my goals on getting fluent in both, Chinese and Japanese and thus finding a job that uses all my skills to the fullest and helps me to feel happy about what I'm doing.
That was quite an introduction. I hope I didn't overdo it by writing such a long introduction, but I think sometimes it helps to see peoples reasons for their actions.
Thank you for reading and have a great day!
Conan Reichelt
Melanie Ebert
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Conan Reichelt
Hallo Melanie!
Danke für deinen Kommentar. In meinem aktuellen Job ist es leider absolut unmöglich Sprachkurse zu besuchen. Aber wie Du schon sagst, es gibt andere Wege. Deshalb höre ich Audiobücher und schaue Filme und suche auch einen neuen Job :D. Also die besten Vorraussetzungen, die Situation zu verbessern. 頑張ります!
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